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The campaign ‘You Think Your Office is Cool?’ calls out to Startups out there to share with Startup Jobs Asia about their office! A total of 10 winning entries were selected!

It could be your office has a cool pantry with all sorts of goodies, unusual art pieces, creative wall mural or even a games area filled with the cool games gadgets!

We will be introducing 2 winning entries per week!

Let’s move forth to the 6th Winning Entry! 

1)  Roomorama (Votes: 11)


About Roomorama: Roomorama is the discerning traveler’s one-stop shop for short-term rentals. With an ever-growing inventory of hospitable accomodations, Roomorama is working to make you feel at home wherever you are.

Latest Update: Roomorama mobile app is available for IOS and Android Now!

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Perks Working Here:

  • Laid-back, open atmosphere where collaboration and creativity are encouraged
  • Pet-friendly. We are continually graced by our fuzzy mascot, Pato.
  • Buffet breakfast and unlimited coffee (the good kind)
  • Multi-cultural, diverse



Funny Quirks of People Working at the Startup: 



  • Any given minute, 5 or more languages are spoken in the office. Amazing how quickly you pick up curses in different languages
  • An office with a dog is pretty much guaranteed to be stress-free
  • Some people come in looking like they just got out of bed. We think they might have taken laid-back a little too literally.
  • Roomoramates travel a lot and they bring food back. It’s always a surprise walking in the pantry because you never know what kind of yummy goodness from all over the world you get to munch on.

Lastly, What do they think are the Pros and Cons of working in a Startup?


·  Diversity, open atmosphere, laid-back, collaboration, no micro-management, results-drive, flexible


·  No standard procedure, less training because you learn as you go along

Other info about Roomorama:





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