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The campaign ‘You Think Your Office is Cool?’ calls out to Startups out there to share with Startup Jobs Asia about their office! A total of 10 winning entries were selected!

It could be your office has a cool pantry with all sorts of goodies, unusual art pieces, creative wall mural or even a games area filled with the cool games gadgets!

We will be introducing 2 winning entries per week!

Let’s move forth to the Last Winning Entry!    

1)  Qeeple (Votes: 9)



About Qeeple: Qeeple is a web platform for homeowners to discover local interior design ideas and home products.

Latest Update: We spent most of Dec 2013 shifting office to the heart of Singapore interior haven along Balestier Road. We’re currently in the midst of a major revamp of the site’s functions and aesthetics and hope to launch the new changes by the end of 1Q2014.

Perks Working Here: We get invited to product launches and meet internationally acclaimed product designers. We not only get excited at checking out great furnishings and furniture but also new ways to approach old problems. Everybody has a say over how qeeple should look and function.

Funny Quirks of People Working at the Startup:

We’re generally a team of young people who like to do unconventional and original work but we do things traditionally as well. For example, we lapse into smatterings of hokkien with clients (all part of relationship building ya know!) Also while moving the office, we briefly looked up the ba gua (八卦/ Trigrams) online to see who should sit where and checked when was a good day to officially start work. We have an abbreviation we use to poke fun at each other – PPOS – Pantang* Piece of Shit. Having said that, we’re not obsessed about feng shui and superstitions but it’s just something we pay a bit more attention to.

(*Pantang – Superstitious)

Lastly, What do they think are the Pros and Cons of working in a Startup?

Pros: At least from qeeple’s point of view, there are no standard operating procedures for doing things. This gives us a lot of flexibility to explore our employee’s strengths and come out with something that is mutually beneficial for them and for the founders. For example, my CTO loves the freedom of working from different locations so he works from home, hip cafes and comes in for progress meetings. But he’s also highly reliable and responsive. When I needed work done, he wouldn’t hesitate to pull out his laptop at midnight or work till 7am in the morning to help me achieve our goals and meet deadlines.


Cons: I believe that the experience for founders of a startup is more rewarding than the employees we eventually hire. It’s the founders’ onus to make a greater effort to understand individual employees, understand what they wish to achieve in their career path and see if your start up is able to help and equip your employees with a desired skill set eventually.


Other info about Qeeple:





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