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The campaign ‘You Think Your Office is Cool?’ calls out to Startups out there to share with Startup Jobs Asia about their office! A total of 10 winning entries were selected!

It could be your office has a cool pantry with all sorts of goodies, unusual art pieces, creative wall mural or even a games area filled with the cool games gadgets!

We will be introducing 2 winning entries per week!

Let’s move forth to the 3rd Winning Entry!   

1)  LoanStreet (Votes: 17)


About LoanStreet: Loanstreet is an independent loan comparison & application website and our goal is to make loans easy for Malaysians. The comparisons on our site are very rich and accurate, and there are several useful calculator widget in the website to help customer assess their loan eligibility & calculate the repayment scheme. Our FREE consultative and credit assessment service helps those seeking guidance on financial loans.

As for banks, Loanstreet helps to screen through applicants and provide rich case assessments for qualified leads.

Latest Update: Apart from mortgage loan, Loanstreet now has a Personal Loan comparison & application service as well.

Loanstreet also has a loan affordability calculator tool that lets you know the maximum that you are able to borrow from at least 1 bank in Malaysia.

On the corporate news side, Loanstreet was recently funded by a local media group and is now expanding. There will be bigger and closer tie ups with banks to be announced in the near future.

Perks Working Here:

·  Flexible and Freedom

·  Good work relationship with colleagues

·  A diverse workforce

·  Great and Open-minded boss

Funny Quirks About the People: There are distinctive personalities of everyone of us at Loanstreet. We have the one who dreamt of being the Hollywood & sport superstar and he brings a lot of fun & laughter to us.

We have members who likes to pop out riddles & brain teasers which blow our mind away & drive us crazy to figure out the answer somehow. It is totally inspiring & rejuvenates our brains to be think & work more efficiently then.

Lastly, What do they think are the Pros and Cons of working in a Startup?


·  Good learning experience – with a competitive edge in the job marketplace

·  Have an opportunity to make a difference & employees’ ideas have a great chance of being heard

·  Good team dynamics & spirit

·  Thrilling & challenging – won’t be bored as the work varies from day to day & important decisions being made daily & quickly

·  Huge satisfaction when the clients love the product & service created because of complete ownership over something and can make it succeed, which couldn’t get that kind of satisfaction working in a big company

·  Flat hierarchy – without having to go through multiple layers for approval of proposal & ideas. Execution made easy.


·  The biggest challenge remains educating the market, both investors and consumers about the benefits of using the service. It may takes time to create the nation-wide awareness

·  May need to invest a large sum of funds in campaigns, advertisement & marketing activities to rise the encouraging awareness of public & confidence in clients

·  Operated with a small number of employees results in high workload & it can fracture your attention span

Other info about Loanstreet:  




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