Is It Worth the Risk? 5 Things to Consider Before Joining a Startup

During the process of job hunting, you might keep asking yourself similar questions such as: do I really have what it takes to join the team? Will they be willing to hire someone like me?

Given today’s fierce competition in the job market, chances are, most people would agree that to find employment in itself can be regarded as a luck. However, can you consider landing a job (even the one you are not really interested in) as something fortunate? More than whether they want to hire you, the more important question you should ask is: do you really want to work with them?

For younger generations such as Millennial or Gen Z who seek for flexibility and authority at work, joining startup could be the right option to live their lifestyle. As startup culture is continually evolving, working at startup can be both challenging and exciting experience. Additionally, startup is also known to be generous in providing cool perks to pamper their young-spirited employees.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that working at startup is a full-time job. Being part of the team means that you should devote your time and energy to support and develop the newly-born company. Not to mention, working at startup does not always come with promising career security or guarantee financial stability in the long run.

Owing to this reason, before jumping into the startup environment, you should think thoroughly whether joining the team is worth the risk or not. Below, we share 5 important things you should take into account before saying yes to a job offer at startup:

  1. Recognise the founders

Nowadays, everything can be found easily on the internet, including a founder’s track record. Do your homework to search for any information regarding to the startup’s professional background such as their education and expertise. Consider both their success and failure stories, such that you can be certain about their future success prospect.

  1. Learn the nature of the business

Being passionate is essential in a startup life, which means that you should share the same passion and value with them. Before making a final decision, you should know the nature of the business offered by the startup you are considering. Learn about the nature of their business, such as their products or services, target market, marketing strategy, potential customers, or business competitors in the same market.

  1. Identify the funding

Funding is the lifeblood of a startup. Be it from investors or their own money, founders need to think of how to support their new business financially, including to make prototypes and marketing when the product is launched. Therefore, during an interview with a startup, you should ask questions about their source of funding. This way, you can know better about your future salary and benefits if you join the organisation.

  1. Know the organisational culture

Company culture is a great factor that will influence whether you will love or hate the job. That being said, you should know the existing organisational culture and structure to determine if you will be a good fit in it. You can use the interview session as an opportunity to look around the office and observe the working environment.

  1. Understand the job roles

As many have known, startup life could be best described like riding a roller coaster. There will be good and bad days. On some days, you might have to skip lunch and stay late at work to finish an important project. However, there are also down times when you can relax and chill out with your co-workers. Additionally, given the small-sized team, startup employees are often required to take various roles. Therefore, make sure that you understand the job roles and responsibilities.

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