Will Millennials Thrive at Startups?

Startups are everywhere. As far as you can see, many startups are founded by Millennials. They are young at age, but bravely start something new with minimal experiences. Their idealism leads to create an innovative solution in this fast-changing world.

However, we all know that most startups fail. Very few startups are able to survive for more than five years. With Millennials’ lack of experiences, possibly a first-time entrepreneur, will they thrive at startups? Even for the Millennials startup employees, are startups the right fit for them?

There’s only one word to answer it: yes. Millennials are born to thrive at startups. Here are the reasons:

1. They don’t like the way corporate works

Millennials think they don’t have anything better to do than building a startup or working at a startup. Why? Because they’re pretty much allergic with the corporate work environment. They don’t want to follow the strict rule to do 8 hours of work, albeit their working hours could be even more than that. Also, they might think that traditional corporate-ladder climbing is boring. Life is an adventure out there!

2. They are looking for a more meaningful life

Even though Millennials seem as young and restless, they are actually searching for meaning. They don’t want to be like their parents who are robots for their companies. They love travel and surprise themselves with everything new to see.

Basically, they are looking for happiness. But, they are quite sure that happiness can’t always be bought by money. They also want to make an impact to this world.

3. They are innovative and fast learners

With their wild and out of the box way of life, Millennials tend to be innovative. They are able to create innovative solutions than the previous generation. They want to disrupt and break the usual things.

Moreover, they are growing up in the constantly changing world. They learn new knowledges in a matter of weeks, since there are so many tools that help. In the end, they are quite good fast learners which are benefiting their startups.

4. They have growth mindset

As they are working for their own passion, they are ‘forced’ to complete their skillsets. They push themselves to be better and better each day. Millennials’ history of personal growth and achievements are often mind-blowing. They have a mindset that thrives on challenges as long as they like it! They want to test their mental and physical limits. This is a valuable capital for any startup who needs to grow. The growth of the startup starts from the growth of an individual.

5. They are secretly not satisfied with current things

The government, the problems that we face in daily lives, and anything else. Millennials are not happy with the way things work at the moment. That’s why they always want to offer solutions from their own. Say, they are working at a corporate company and they don’t like the boss. The next thing is, they will quit and be their own boss by building a startup.


With Millennials’ characteristics, we should give them a chance to make the world better.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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