Why You Should Work for a Startup than a Corporate Company

Startup or corporate? Some people still don’t know which one suits them the most. Worse, they don’t even know what is their dream career would be.

In that case, startup is definitely the better choice. As clueless as you are at the moment, startup forces you to thrive on taking risks and initiatives. Working in evolving environment enables you to learn from trial and error. That way, you might find your eventual career goals, and eventually reach that goals.

A startup role can improve your skills, as you are handling multiple positions. The dynamic job with a variety of responsibilities is what it takes in the startup. Your opinion will be heard, and your idea executed. You are a lot more engaged in your working life at a startup than a corporate company.

Still in doubt? Here are a few reasons for choosing a startup job over a corporate job:

  1. The experience is priceless

People says “experience is the best teacher”, then startups are probably the better teacher than corporate companies. Really, startup experience can trumps corporate experience.

Why? In a startup, everyone is vital and important. People are able to have deeper experience in the same amount of time at a corporate. Startup is not a place to slack off, which is good for people who want to keep developing their skills and ability.

Also, startup allows you to taste failure, because most startups do experience failures. Failing fast is acceptable as long as you can rise up again. When the time goes by, you will be the kind of person who would like to minimise your failures.

The point is: the experience of working at a startup is one of a kind. Startup people always have a sense of hunger and excitement to pulling the strings behind their startup. You can only understand if you have been there.

  1. The work environment is enviable by many

Most startups are considered as fun offices. No cubicles that separates everyone to talk, and no formal attire that takes time to wear in the morning. Some startups also provide games or other entertainment in the office, so that each person can have a quick and much-needed break. When they are back to work, they have fresher minds. Creativity flows.

This kind of work environment is obviously wanted, especially for people who work at a corporate company. You are a lot less stress with this environment, and actually feel excited every time you are about to go to the office. Remember, happy employees are more productive!

  1. The engagement with the startup is indescribable

Startup is not just a company where you just want the money. You want the startup to grow and attain success, probably as much as the founders. For example, you knew the money is tight, so you learn to be frugal for your startup. You don’t ask for fancy foods or other insignificant but costly benefits.

The most important thing is you will grow along with the company. Your progress affects your startup, and vice versa. Both of you are belong together.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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