Why You Should Get an Internship with a Startup

Are you looking for an internship? Sure thing, startups would be a great choice for you. Why? All of us are looking for benefits when it comes to doing internship. During an internship, you are able to work under close supervision of existing staff. Consider it as an advantage as you would improve your skills and other abilities from an internship.

Everyone understands that internship is not for someone who is looking for money. Indeed, an internship will be more valuable if the intern is involved in more tasks. With this thing in mind, it is quite obvious that an internship at a startup is more preferred than an internship at a big company or corporate.

Of course, startups are not perfect, either. There are a few downsides as well, such as low recognition and no proper orientation or training program. Thus, how valuable a startup internship experience depends on your motivation.

Apart from that, an internship at a startup in general gives you more responsibilities. You will be able to do more practical things by helping a small team in the startup. Here are some reasons you should take internship at a startup:

1. You will be part of a close-knit team

Early-stage startups only have less than 10 people. Most team members’ ages are most likely close to you. It makes you a lot easier to mingle with them. People will not see you that differently. You practically can act like a newly-hired full-time employee. No need to worry about being coddled. They would welcome you with open arms.

Furthermore, there is no such thing like bureaucracy in most startups. Nobody really pays attention about hierarchy. It feels like everyone is equal there. During your internship, it is important to feel important. And startups are the only place to get that.

2. You will get many responsibilities

You will not be getting any random tasks in a startup. Your tasks could be considered as significant for the startup’s project(s). What you are doing could make an actual impact for the startup.

Although you will get huge responsibilities as an intern, the team will nurture and mentor you. You will also be able to interact directly with decision makers. By handling so many roles, you will get the best learning experience from there. By the time you finished the internship, you have learned to execute various tasks.

3. You will believe in dreams

Most startup founders are reckless entrepreneurs. They believe in their dreams, and am not shy to share it to as many people as possible. They spread their dreams, including to you. Most likely, you will be inspired that a dream should exist, and everyone should go for it. Hence, you could stand on your own after you had an amazing internship at a startup.

4. You will have many networking chances

You will most likely end up making more connections because of working at a startup. It starts from the inner team, and they will connect you to more people in the startup ecosystem. Chances are, you will meet many key players in the startup world who can give you priceless advice regarding your career and your future.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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