Why Startups Should Pay More Attention to Design

Why Startups Should Pay More Attention to Design

Have your startup realised the importance of good design? The answer is probably no. Many startups do not value design. They focus on having brilliant developers, as well as co-founders. But they not emphasizing for good designers. The truth is, it’s a pity.

Good design really makes a difference between startup success and dismal failure. Indeed, there is nothing wrong on putting your focus to ideas (or something new and unique), but do not forget to pay attention to design.

The reason is quite simple. Each user do not really care about your brilliant idea, if you can provide something good to see, feel and experience. It is important to create quality of design, since it impacts your startup outcomes.

A startup with good design has a bigger chance to get business results that the founder(s) wanted. It is more likely to get better revenue, as well. Moreover, in many cases, startups can get funded because of their outstanding design.

Startups are blooming, the competition is not only the core technology anymore. We should start to concern about product design. Well-executed design is always a powerful tool for a startup.

If your startup don’t have a designer yet, let alone a co-founder with design background, let’s learn a bit. There are three key roles of design you should understand:

1. UI/UX of the product

User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) is a popular term in the startup world. Whether your startup products are on mobile, desktop, or software, it should have a good usability. UI design is the part of the product that faces the user when he/she looks at the site, while UX is how they feel when they look at the site.

In other words, the entire package of UI is what makes a good UX. A startup product with awesome UX will easily become popular in the stack of startup products these days.

2. The old “Marketing” and “Branding”

You do “marketing”, in order to get enough attention from potential customers. When your startup is able to communicate well, people will get to know the product. And yes, good design is mostly communicative.

While “branding” is how people perceive your startup product. Only good design can create positive perceptions by your customers. No reason to ignore design for your startup!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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