PASSION: The Prerequisites of Being Successful Entrepreneur 

PASSION The Prerequisites of Being Successful Entrepreneur 

Setting up a business and being your own boss has become some kind of a trend nowadays. While many think that this is the best and fastest way to be financially independent and personally fulfilled, it is not easy for such a dream to come alive. People might think that setting up a business is as simple as developing great ideas and hiring people to execute it. Truth is, that is not the case. For one to be an entrepreneur, the first and foremost thing is that one must be PASSIONATE.

Why Passion? 

Liking the idea of success is not wrong, however, it is not enough if you want to succeed in your business. Therefore, you need passion to truly succeed in your business because having a passion means you are completely dedicated to making your business work no matter how hard the process might be. You have to have a passion for making money, making your business plan work while managing the grind of building a business emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Founder and CEO of Patriot Software, LLC Mike Kappel agrees that being passionate and having a passion is the key to successfully launching a business and managing it. According to Kappel, passion can assist entrepreneurs to succeed and learn things that they might not want to learn or do. Having passion also helps entrepreneurs to keep going despite the difficulties during business development. 

What is passion in the entrepreneur’s world? 

Here’s how you can visualise what PASSION truly is: 

Passion: Passion! Zeal! Enthusiasm! Drive! These are the hallmarks of an entrepreneur. Having passion is more than merely paying lip service; it requires action to back it up. An entrepreneur’s passion is exhibited when he makes every possible effort to ensure that he succeeds.

Adventurous: Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to venture into something new.

Sedulous: Perhaps you are scratching your head and wondering what this word means? It simply means to be diligent. To see success in his business, an entrepreneur cannot afford to be slack. He has to take an active role to see that his business runs smoothly.

Self-confident: An entrepreneur must be confident in himself and his products. Would you wish to work for or work with someone who is not confident in himself or his products?

Innovative: An entrepreneur must have new ideas or solutions to current problems. He is also able to ‘beautify’ old ideas and make them attractive.

Optimistic: Mindsets and attitudes are factors that determine one’s success. An entrepreneur cannot have the mindset that he is going to fail. He has to believe that he will succeed, only then will he.

Needs to have high energy: The beginning phase of any business requires lots of work to be done. An entrepreneur is going to have to work much longer hours than any ordinary employee.

Perhaps you think you are lacking in most of these qualities. However, this does not disqualify you from being an entrepreneur. Passion can be developed by practice. What you need to do is to stop slacking off and start working! 

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