Why is a Good Job Description Important for a Startup?

Though, in this era of computer and technology, many consider that writing job description is a total waste of time, still some people prefer writing a job description to reap out its benefits. In reality, writing a job description is important from many perspectives, especially for a startup business. This is considered as one of the most efficient and effective tool for communicating with the employees of a startup business. To build a bridge between employees, managers and directors of an organization, writing good, as well as to the point job description is essential. Writing a job description may be time consuming and tiring or boring, but one cannot ignore the essence of it. This article will guide you – why writing a job description is important? Let us find out the salient reasons:

Writing Job Description from Hiring Perspective

For a startup business, hiring individuals or employees for carrying out different business mottos is the most important thing. To make sure the hiring process is seamless or smooth; HR managers often have to write a job description. A job description is all about – what you are looking for? What kinds of professionals should apply for the jobs or should be hired by your company? When there is no job description, it creates confusions for the HR manager. An HR manager would fail to understand the demands of the managers who are seeking professionals in their respective business departments.

From the perspective of candidates, a job description gives them a perfect picture of the needs and demands of the organization. Hence, chances for hiring competent people increase extensively. On the other hand, if here is no job description, many unwanted candidates would also apply for the job without understanding the requirements properly. Dealing with a crowd, where a lot of people are confused with their job requirements is a hectic task and time-wasting indeed. Thus, job descriptions make the hiring process of a startup business smooth enough so that the managers can enjoy hassle free experiences with the candidates who have come for the interview.

Writing Job Description from Career Advancement Perspective

Everyone has a goal in his or her life and to achieve the goals, he or she standardizes his or her performances. Employees need to know about their future in an organization. Especially, it is a startup business, for employees there are every reason to be unsecured. Whether their future is going to flourish or not – is a common question that haunts many of the employees. They need job descriptions to understand the professionalism of a company. Moreover, job description provides them some amount of confidence about their roles that they are playing in the organization. From managers’ or directors’ perspective job descriptions are important as they can know the job role of a specific employee or a specific department.

Writing Job Description from Legal Perspective

To enjoy certain legal benefits or to accomplish some mandatory legal registrations of a business, writing job description is probably the most important thing. A startup business has to undergo a lot of legal procedures. In order to make these processes simple and to provide a clear picture of the company and about its future goals, work management, employee relationships, etc., writing job descriptions is mandatory. For example, if you are running a business, then the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) will intervene to check whether employee purposes are getting fulfilled or not. In order to deal with such acts or legal programs, job descriptions may appear as a boon. It will make the process hassle free, as well as very organized.


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