Why Facebook Marketing is important in promoting businesses nowadays?

Transformation of communication ways

Do you realize the ways that people acquire information have been changing significantly overtime? In the old days, they mainly obtained information from newspaper, radio and television. These sources, however, are quite limited because they only work well locally. Although these traditional media of communication are still being used, the internet world has quietly emerged as a new and more effective way of information flows.

With this, our way of communication changes from one-way to two-way. For example, the newspaper as a traditional communication tool provides news to the public only in one direction without a mechanism to collect feedbacks. In a two-way communication mode like through Facebook, people can acquire information as well as conveying their own comments at the same time. This can make a big difference in social impacts because it effectively facilitates exchanges and interactions among people and thus contributes to making information flows more globalized and influential in the real world.


Users’ behavior

This trend is kind of metamorphosis which allows companies to make good use of social media such as Facebook to promote themselves. Nonetheless, at the same time they also need to be sensitive to Facebook users’ preferences and behaviors in order to do a good marketing job through the Facebook platform. It must be recognized that nowadays people are not passive anymore by satisfying with just absorbing information as given, but they also prefer to be able to interact with other people or giving out their own views on the internet – reflecting perhaps a subtle way to achieve self-actualization.

A good example of this can be seen on Wikipedia which has become so popular due to active participation of readers in inputting their views and information. In other words, if your online marketing is not good enough, people can choose not to look at your page. Therefore, companies need to change their marketing mindset by fitting in well with Facebook users’ needs, rather than insisting on the traditional ways of marketing focusing on the hard-selling mentality. In short, “creativity” and “knowing well your potential customers” are crucial to successful Facebook marketing in this new era.

A recent study by University of Florida on undergraduate and graduate students is informative as it reveals the preferences of young people on Facebook. The results showed that most are okay with business page but feel annoyed by straight advertisements. With this observation, companies should put more effort on their Facebook page instead of spending a lot of money on advertisements.


Differences between Facebook marketing and traditional marketing

What are the main differences or characteristics of Facebook marketing as compared with traditional marketing? The answer is that the former is more focused on content sharing and creating a viral marketing effect. It is not that kind of face-to-face marketing anymore. Therefore, traditional ways of marketing would not be effective enough. By making good use of Facebook marketing techniques, your target customers base can be expected to grow much faster in this new world.

It is observed that Facebook users tend to enjoy content sharing. For example, they like to post their own recent photos or share information about the good restaurants they have tried. Since social networking works to connect people, giving good comments or recommendations by Facebook users to their friends on Facebook would be a more effective way to promote. Trustworthy recommendations tend to have stronger positive effect than normal advertising. This would further create a viral marketing effect as good messages are passed on from one person to another by word-of-mouth along a chain. Therefore, in order to become successful in Facebook marketing, companies should promote their products, services and brand-names by building trust among their target audiences on the Facebook network, and goodwill would then be created and spread out easily.


Ways to improve your page

There are many ways to make your Facebook pages more attractive and attention-catching. For instance, using Facebook applications to decorate and promote the pages among fans is a good way to make your pages unique. There are many ready-to-use applications available online. You can also design your own promotion strategies such as devising campaigns and organizing contests by using applications. These easy-to-use applications are useful and helpful even for those non-technical users.


The article first appeared on genbox.