Why Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Career?

You’re browsing for online ads for a new job. Then you noticed a big and stable company proudly stating the perks and ideal figures for a paycheck that you will receive should you get hired by them. And then here’s a startup company enticing you to be one of their pioneering team for a new project. Question is: Should you go for a more established company, or try your luck at working in a startup?

Here are 7 reasons you need to know why it is better to choose a startup career over a corporate job that you could have been dreaming of since your college days:

1. Training

Though experienced trainers, who are paid well by these large organizations, will be more than happy to train you, nothing beats first-hand experience at working in a startup. Just expect that most probably, you’ll be working in a small team with limited resources. So, you’ll definitely learn a lot doing things with your team, or on your own. As the cliché goes, experience is the best teacher.

2. You’ll have more opportunities for growth.

When you start working in a startup, perhaps you’ll be given small or limited tasks – and yes, small pay. But as the company grows, expect that you’ll grow as well with it. Not only in terms of responsibilities, but in salary as well.

3. You won’t get and feel stuck.

In a corporate environment, expect that the rules and systems are already in place. Like if they hire you for a specific role, expect to do the same things day in and day out until you feel like you’ve done everything you can for that role. Not so in a startup were roles are evolving as needs change.

4. You have real innovators as mentors.

Since you’re working in a small team, expect to rub elbows and brainstorm with the startup founders themselves – which is a great exercise for the brain!

5. You’ll learn to be always on your toes.

Working in a startup is rewarding because great jobs are easily recognized. However, with its limited resources, it cannot have room for errors or mistakes. Thus, you are always expected to make the best use of what you have.

6. The work environment is more relaxed.

This means you are not expected to show up for work in your best suit, and look smug all day long. Working in a startup can mean lots of jokes exchanged when things get a bit too serious, or working in the comfort of your good, old reliable pair of jeans and shirts.

7. You’ll learn the value of hard work, discipline and ownership.

With the kind of environment a startup has, you are sure to learn these 3 important values as you go about doing the daily task assigned to you.

In a startup environment, being efficient, self-sustainable and proactive is magnified a million times as you come face to face with its daily challenges. Though it may seem hard, the lessons you’ll learn and the opportunities for growth are unlimited in a startup.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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