Why are Corporate Talents Leaving for Startups?

The difference between working in a well-established corporation and in a newly started and highly motivated startup is closely similar to being yourself and compromising with your dreams. It is a well-known truth that corporate jobs pay more and there are many perks attached. But, a startup provides you the true experience that any professional will treasure. It makes you a complete professional as you are able to taste different spheres of working machinery and the experience and opportunities that you are able to explore in a startup company is worth much more than a fat paycheck. The work culture and environment is just like it is at home, casual and open-minded and this allows your creative side to work in full force. And, this in turn allows you to realize and push yourself to your true potential.

Working at a startup or starting your own startup venture is not about money, it is about the learning experience and the ability to work in a pressure situation, where you are responsible for getting it right, just like your other colleagues. The situations you come across, the decisions you make (right and wrong), the new things that you learn, new friends that you make, the tricks of the trade that you master and the realization of the full potential of any business – helps you achieve things you never imagined you are capable of. Working at a startup or starting your company, in the long run makes you a smarter and a true professional, who is not afraid of challenges and who is flexible and empowered enough, to work long hours, to make the difficult look easy and never give up.

Corporate jobs are less challenging even though they might be well paid. The vision of the company and its employees hardly meet at the crossroads. The disconnection between the top management and the lower strata of employees, makes it even tougher for the employees to feel the sense of achievement. The only achievement, whatsoever, is an appraisal or a slight hike, year after year. You live a comfortable life, but it just might be too monotonous, unexciting and if you have it in you, you will be frustrated deep inside, to say the least, as your career might be moving very slowly and making very little progress, if at all. Corporate jobs don’t give you the sense of ownership, loyalty and pride that a startup job can provide and the work environment at startups is so much fun, you never actually feel that you are working, something which is very unlikely to happen in a corporate job. Thus, it is natural for talents who want to achieve something in life and not just work all their life for a measly retirement planning, to head for startup jobs or start their own venture.

Here, we are putting down a list of the reasons why corporate talents are leaving for startups –

1.  In corporate jobs, you need to do the same thing every day, month after month and probably, year after year. No real challenges as such come across. In startups, you are given more responsibility, you come out of your comfort zone, you learn much more than years of working in a corporate job in a month or two at a startup. You realize your true worth and potential.

2.  You are able to learn many things in many different areas of a business. From marketing to finance and from field work to sales and accounts, you learn a lot of things that is helpful in many ways in the long term. Basically, you will be able to learn things outside of your core field.

3.  In startups, there is usually or should we say most of the time, less bureaucracy than in corporate structure. This means you do not have to juggle from one office to another or one executive to another to get that one answer or approval. It helps to iterate quickly and make decisions at a faster pace. It makes you more responsible, accountable and crafts your personality with more discipline and infuses versatility.

4.  More freedom. While playing the role of multiple characters and shouldering many responsibilities, you are given the freedom to complete the goals and objectives in your area in the way you see fit, mostly. Since, startups have generally small teams and what you are doing is constantly being looked upon, you understand the meaning of focus and forget about procrastination.

5.  Working in startups is more fun, unlike working in the corporate companies. Startups, who have a good run eventually become giant corporate companies but the culture is always different and working in a cool environment, with freedom and in the company of smart, innovative and intelligent people, is always fun. For example, Google.

6.  When the startup is successful, all your hard work will pay off very well. With stock options amongst other perks, your life just might change overnight. Also, if you are the owner of the startup, you will be one of the few people to live your dream.

7.  If you are an entrepreneur and have started your own firm or if you are working in a startup, you will be rubbing shoulders with people who have the real courage to pursue what they dreamt of, take risks and innovate to create real world solutions that many people have dared not to. It polishes your personality and makes you a better professional, not to mention that it speaks a thousand words in your resume as well.

8.  In corporate job you can give as many hours as you may want but the recognition comes very late, if at all it does. In startups, your effort, performance and work if good is recognized and appreciated almost immediately. The ladder to success is long yet quick and you can climb fast if you are really good at what you do.

9.  In startups, you get an ample amount of opportunities that might not come your way in the corporate structure so easily. These opportunities are life-changing at times and definitely boosts your self-esteem and morale in ways more than one.

10.  You will get an extensive knowledge of different areas in your field; you will get out of your limited knowledge spectrum to become an out-an-out expert in your niche. You will learn the importance of team, teamwork and be a part of a small yet tight-knit community.

11.  Startups usually work in a finance constraint environment and thus, working with limited finance will make your frugal yourself and help you understand the importance of money and instill the basic principles and the value of money management.

Overall, it can be said that working in a corporate environment provides limited opportunities to excel, grow and explore while in startups, it’s a different adventure altogether where you will be able to pursue your dream, learn new things, and become a smarter professional, with knowledge in your field that cannot be easily challenged. Also, money-wise, it might be a bit of a struggle at the start, but eventually it would all be worth it.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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