What You Need To Know If You Are Planning For A Startup Career

Careers in Startups are magnetically attractive, with all the cool perks, benefits and the flexible environment. Even more so when you have worked for corporate companies with strict rules and work environment.

As Startups are still growing, working in startups might surprise you with some unexpected things and conditions. Some of them are successful, but some others (even most of them) fail.

There are some things you should know before working at a startup:

You have to be comfortable with change!  

Budding entrepreneurs are eager to experience new things and willing to experiment on their business. Thus, “change” is common in startups. The change of names, project plans, job titles and assignments, are more frequent to happen.  Even the location of the office might move a few times in a span of one year!

Unlike corporate companies that already have clear procedures and processes, startups are still finding their ways to get the best results and goals.

You have to be a multi-roles player.

Startups are not suitable for those who are not willing to take additional roles, regardless of their job positions. If you want to be successful at startup, you have to be a great multi-roles player, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

Even if you are a web developer, it is still possible for you to phone the customers, help purchase stuff for the office and pick up some food for lunch.

Startups offer a lower salary and fewer benefits. (Well, mostly.)

If you intend to start a career in startups, don’t expect a high salary and many benefits just like what corporate companies offer! With limited capitals and a little fund injection from investors, most of the startups are bootstrapping, including the budget allocation for employees’ welfare. However, there are other attractive perks at the workplace such as free flow snacks, coffee, lunches, outing programs and more. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Be ready to handle the high pressure!

You might be in a much more flexible and casual environment, working in a startup. But don’t expect lesser workload! Everyone is pretty involved in the whole operation of the startup. Involving in a startup teamwork insists you going the extra mile, even extra hours and provide support to each other.

Don’t expect much mentoring!

Everyone is still learning, include your startup founders! If you are hired as the only sales person at a startup, don’t wait to be spoonfed! Instead, do self-learning and be independent in finding excellent references and resources to support your job roles.

Working at startups places you in a new working environment where you are required to be very pro-active and creative. If you love the challenge, working in a startup could be a great choice for you!

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