What to SELL and NOT to Sell in E-commerce Business

What to SELL and NOT to Sell in E-commerce Business

E-commerce business is expected to increase like never before simply because of the trend of smartphone usage which has increased over the past decades. E-commerce is also predicted to skyrocketing due to its effectiveness and accessibility. According to e-commerce statistic, the rate of online shopping is increasing beyond measure rate and this is driving e-commerce owners crazy to keep their solid place in the online race. 

That said, there might be a fierce competition among e-commerce owners. In fact, growing e-commerce business is not a piece of cake. Not only should you dive deep on the data market to find in-demand product, but you should also diligently update your knowledge on state law to stay away from legal issue. To help you, here are products you should SELL and should NOT sell online. 

Products to NOT sell online 

Things to never sell online fall into two categories: First is a product that just doesn’t sell well over the web, and Second is items that are illegal to sell over the web. 

You might think that any thing as long as it is affordable will get a good impression from internet buyers. The truth is, it does not. Instead, if you don’t carefully review the state law, you might get either fined or spend years in prison. 

All Business advised that you should avoid items that are illegal, including illegal drugs and explosive items. In addition, be sure to review your country’s and targeted buyer’s country law before selling alcoholic beverages, weapons, medicine and food (ingredients). Oftentimes, these items require you to hold a certificate for trusted sellers. 

You might also want to avoid selling things that customers want to hold or try such as lipstick, mattress, perfume, or foods. Unless customers already know what they are ordering or your products are already booming in customer’s buying list, these things might be hard for you to sell online. 

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Products to SELL online 

You should sell products that are in demand. If none of your customers is asking for a selfie stick, hold your intention to invest in them. To get started, it is better for you to study e-commerce giants like Amazon or Alibaba. You can also study the products demand through Google Trends. 

Dareen DeMatas suggested the following points before investing in your e-com products. 

  • Brainstorm ideas and research the ideas in Google Trends 
  • Find market data to see if the industry sales are growing 
  • Find low competition niches within growing industries 
  • Collect data such as Amazon Sales, Search Volumes, keyword difficulty, etc. 
  • Compare your ideas using actual data

For the products itself, make sure you sell affordable products which can be shipped without hassle. Shipping is another challenge for e-commerce business, therefore, it will be better for you to avoid difficulty in shipping fragile or illegal products, such as products made of glass, electronics, etc. You might also want to consider avoiding products that weight heavy especially if your customers are overseas. 

Based on DeMatas survey, here is a short list of in-demand products this year. 

  • Cellulite Removal 
  • Bluetooth Speakers 
  • Vape / E-cigarettes 
  • Drone and accessories 
  • Subscription boxes 
  • LED lighting  
  • Magnetic phone accessories
  • Hair removal
  • Minimalist watches
  • Dog bowls
  • Natural hair products
  • Outdoor speaker
  • Party supplies
  • Clothes such as Bodycon dresses, baby clothes, denim, or shapewear

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