What Makes a Good Startup Hire?

For many startups, hiring the right employees plays a major part for their business. After all, working for a startup is vastly different from an established company. Unlike the latter, startup business does not have steady process and defined operations. Most of the time, startups even have to bootstrap and overcome all the difficult hurdles with minimum resources.

Naturally, startup employees will possess different qualities than those of established companies. For example, startup hires will by default have more diverse job descriptions than average workers. They will also have to be highly creative to keep up with the ever changing landscape of startups. So, as an employer, you might be wondering what makes a good startup hire, right?

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A Proactive Attitude

As a startup owner, you probably do not have resources at your disposal. If you do, you have to be really careful with your spending and expenses. Anyhow, in order for your startup to succeed, you need your employee to have a proactive attitude. In other words, people who possess the mentality of, “How can I move one step further in everything I do?”

You shouldn’t be looking for employees with tunnel vision, who only care about doing their job and going home. Instead, take notice of those who can think diverse, creative, and up for many challenges. This, obviously, could sound off-putting for many hires and one way to overcome that is to offer equal benefits in return such as fast career progress and personal growth.

Willingness to Take Risk

Taking risks is an everyday occurrence for startup employees. As a matter of fact, this trait is only an adjunct to the previous point. If your hire is proactive, then there is a high chance that they are willing to take risks. Although, it might not be the case the other way around.

As an employer, you need employees who are willing to take risks and fail. This way, even if they fail, they can learn from those mistakes and push the business forward. A plus point if your hire is an expert in the industry. Yet, generally you should also look for others outside of your industry, as they may provide a different perspective. 

Have a Plan for Underachievers

In the present day management system, a common practice is to lure the low performing people. Managers spend a lot of time with the low performing people in order to streamline them so that their performance level can be enhanced significantly. But did you know that this method is highly ineffective? 

Due to the constant low performing acts of the under performers, the overall motivation of an organization can be very low. For this reason, for a successful startup hire, scheduling training sessions for the selected members or candidates is a must do thing. This will omit the chances of low performance, by streamlining individuals with the quality training session.

The last thing we want to remind employees is that there is no such thing as “the perfect hire”. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The point for employers is whether or not you could identify those opportunities and threats and treat them accordingly.

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