What It Feels Like to Be a Startup Founder?

Are you a startup founder? Or someone who is trying to be one? Whoever you are, being a startup founder is the real deal. Constant tough calls and decisions will jazz up your days.

It is 24/7/365 accountability. You are the one who are responsible for every cent of revenue, every dollar spent, every mistake and every horrible decision. In the end, you will be a much better person, since the responsibility changes how you think, how you prioritise, how you manage your time and how you interact with other people.

Here’s how it feels like to be a startup founder:

  1. Taking responsibilities to the next level

Responsibilities can be such a burden, but you could still enjoy it! You are responsible for other people’s money – your investors, the lives and well-being of your employees (and their families).

Don’t forget that every failure, every mistake and every revenue’s shortfall is also your responsibility.

  1. Maintaining the dignity for employees’ sake

There was a time when you were down, but you can’t simply talk to anyone inside the startup about your fears and concerns. You just don’t want to share your worries with the employees, because it might be very bothering to them.

Everything you do is also analysed by your employees. Your choice of words, gesture, frown and anger will capture their attention.

  1. Life is hard and busy, you’re practically a superman

Early-stage startup founders are often involved with everything (but they can delegate their tasks when their startup gets bigger). It makes their life seems hard and busy, yet still enjoyable.

As a startup founder, you feel like the world is on your shoulders. You have whopping working hours that forces you to remember to take time for yourself or your family. Sometimes, you pretend that everything is always fine and you never make a single mistake. But, nobody’s perfect. It’s completely okay to throw off your ‘superhero robe’. Ask for people’s feedback, so that you could improve as a person, a leader and a startup founder.

  1. Forget patchwork

Some startup founders are positioning their startup as side project. Well, it is not impossible to reach success, but… almost. Most startup founders are giving their full time to make the leap. They are not going to be half-assing it. Even it is quite normal for them to check emails at midnight, or giving some tasks to their employees at dawn. They think that “sleep is for the weak” phrase is true.

  1. Always want to build a great team

A startup founder is nothing without his/her team. They always want to be surrounded by smart people who are supporting them. The lone entrepreneur is impossible odds. Thus, startup founders want to build a phenomenal team who will stick around for better and for worse! This team is, indeed, the kind of priceless achievement for the.

Whatever it takes, a startup founder is on his/her way for the entrepreneurial dream.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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