What is So Great in Startups That I Should Join Them?

After finishing college, the next step is foraying into the world of work and career. This is where you may flounder. You will be pulled between joining an already established company or a startup. Most young adults will place their bet on established companies, as they feel these companies are well set and will offer them a clear career path. While a well-established company may offer you a higher salary and better benefits compared to a startup, there are many reasons why you should think about joining a startup.

Ownership in the Startup

If you are one of the first employees in a startup, you will have the privilege of buying a stake in the company. This virtually makes you a part owner of the business. If you intend staying with the startup, this is definitely the way forward, as most good startups end up being acquired within 3 to 7 years of their establishment and it could mean a financial windfall for you. Furthermore, when you own a share in the business, you will strive harder to make the company a success and help it grow. It can be a wonderful opportunity to acquire experience in how to run your own business without risks.

Climbing Up the Hierarchy

Startups are always in a state of flux. They keep changing their organizational structure and add new job titles regularly based on the needs of the business. If you join a startup early, you will be considered first for any promotion as the startup expands and grows. Also, as the company is new, there always will be more opportunities in the management unlike well-established companies. Preference is usually given to those employees who can think out-of-the-box, have exceptional problem-solving skills and have leadership qualities. If you have these qualities, there will be no stopping you in a startup and this will give you satisfaction knowing your skills and talents are being appreciated by the management.

Being Part of a Real Team

Typically, all employees in a startup begin at the same level. Everyone in the company is fresh and rearing to go. All employees are given equal opportunity to showcase their skills and talent and prove their worth. Also, there is no clear distinction between management and employees, as everyone pulls up their sleeves and gets their hands dirty. Startup offers the unique experience of working in a team where each person’s idea, suggestions and opinions are taken into consideration and given importance. Every employee is expected to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the business.

Invaluable Learning Experience

Perhaps the biggest advantage of joining a startup is the learning environment that most startups offer. A startup does not have too much money to hire a lot of employees, so employees end up being responsible for many things. You will wear several hats simultaneously. While it can be stressful and daunting, it is an opportunity you will never get in a well-established company. You will learn how different departments are run efficiently, as you will get hands-on training and practice. You will come away with a skill set that will make a whole lot of difference to your career path. In fact, when and if you decide to leave the startup, you will have so many competencies and skills that will immediately make you more marketable in the job market. You will have companies clamoring for you.

If you are still skeptical about joining a startup, hopefully these few vital reasons have managed to make you think otherwise. There is never a good or bad time to join a startup. All you have to do is be prepared to work long hours. But, the rewards will be priceless and offer you lifelong career and financial security.


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