What Entices Talent to Join another Startup Competitor?

Many people feel that they are stagnating in their present job. Years of putting their back to the grindstone have not been very rewarding. Is it time to look for another job that could be more fulfilling career-wise, and more lucrative? Since there are dozens of job offers being advertised, it is not easy to decide which job to apply for. After all one do not want to ‘jump from the frying pan into the fire’!

An important aspect people consider when changing jobs is to nail down the reasons which have dried up the excitement, opportunities and fulfillment of your present job. Whatever the reasons – boredom, frustration, lack of appreciation, bad management, scope for advancement, office politics, or other compelling personal reasons – one now easily looks at companies that can offer something different both on the professional and personal fronts.

Let us say you are one of those go-ahead people, brimming with ideas and a forge-ahead attitude. These positive attributes had to lay dormant in your present work setup. So, it is wise for them to look for a job where they get an opportunity to be an active part of company management from the word ‘go’. This can happen only if they join a startup competitor company. Frustration and bad management have caused many established companies to lose talented staff because of lack of opportunity. In a startup, they can easily become part of a talented and motivated team and grow with the company.

For starters, a startup company will have a few teething drawbacks. The office setup may take time to evolve into a fancy show place. Salaries may not start out very high; obviously the business needs to be built up before profits can be spread around. This could also be a challenge – to work harder and give it their best shot. The more the company grows and prospers, the more benefits they will receive financially. In an already established company, such financial benefits are all pre-fixed eliminating the excitement and expectation of better things to come. In a startup company, one might get the opportunity to buy company stocks which in turn can shoot up in value over time and prove a solid financial gain.

By joining a startup company people get an opportunity to be an all-rounder on the job front.  All startup companies need to keep a low budget during the fledgling years, so staff is expected to handle all or any work that is handed to them. This gives an opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business, increasing their learning curve. For many people, this definitely proves better than stagnating in a job with pre-molded parameters.

When starting a new company a lot of extra attention, effort and work hours need to be put in by the owners as well as the new hires. But they also realize that when you are doing something they are interested in, something that has great potential, something that can impact you positively the hours seem to slip by unnoticed? It is these efforts that are going to spearhead the startup company into one that is up and running successfully. It is like being on a winning team; but to win the whole team has to pull together and share responsibility and work.

So, people who have talent and ambition and are stuck in a job where it is being wasted and not utilized, they look for an opportunity with startups to test their wings and fly. Joining a startup competitor company is what they look for.  But before ones decide to switch jobs, some caution is required. Study what the new company is all about, who the owners are and what are their objectives and future plans. Once they are satisfied with the general picture, they can look forward to a successful relationship.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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