What Diverts Entrepreneurs Attention and Makes Them Lose Focus?

What stands between an idea and its implementation? For most entrepreneurs, the answer will be ‘distraction’. It does not really matter if you have a great idea on mind. When you cannot focus on how to bring it to reality and keep distracted by other things, the main goals will never come true. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it is crucial to take notice of particular details that might divert your whole attention.

Being a leader means, you should have an ability to decide on matters that require urgent attention, and which ones do not. In order to run your business smoothly, you should sketch out your top priorities in clear order and create a concrete plan to execute them.

Unless you design well-organised plans, there will always be someone else who can distract you with their (seemingly) better plans. Such distractions do not just affect you from meeting your initial objectives, make it longer to achieve particular outcomes.

If you fail to address the root of this interruption, your business might get stagnated or even worse, washed away with the stream over time. The question is, what actually diverts entrepreneur’s attention and makes them lose focus? Here’s some of them:

Social media

Well, the truth is, social media is everyone’s biggest distraction. Known as technology-driven generation, social platforms are extremely familiar among almost all Millennials over the world, including entrepreneurs.

Be it scrolling through Facebook newsfeed, checking the latest trending topic on Twitter, or watching your favourite singer’s live video on Instagram, it seems time flies away faster when you are on social media. When you find yourself wasting hours to ‘commute’ from one platform to another and end up producing nothing, it means that you need to revisit your time management.

Other ventures

Constructing your own startup is fun. You can take the company’s navigation, ideals, products, and directions. If you have set your eyes on a particular idea, don’t move your attention from it. There might be other new shiny and luring ideas coming to your mind along the way. But before you achieve tangible results from it, don’t get easily carried away by other ventures.

For example, when you have set to develop product A, don’t change it into product B just because your competitor does so. Be careful! There is difference between adjusting your business to meet the market demands and merely following business trend shifts.

Your ego

The biggest distraction lies within yourself. There are various signs that you have been distracting yourself from achieving your goals, such as your habit to multi-task, pushing yourself too hard, or ignoring your health. But doesn’t every successful entrepreneur adopt similar practices? Not necessarily.

If you think that multitasking helps you getting your job done faster, you are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is the most inefficient way to get things done. At some point, you have to go the extra mile. However, going the extra mile doesn’t include abandoning your own health. If you fall sick, you won’t be able to do anything, right?

The trick here is to be more self-aware and lower your ego. It is important to stay focused on business productivity, but your own wellness is no less important too. Sometimes, distraction looks like a seductive opportunity that might sway your principles. However, there is slight difference between distraction and opportunity.

All you need to do is keep your eyes wide open, consider any business possibilities and consequences before deciding on something, and always stick to your business blueprint. Minimising any kind of distractions along your startup journey is the key, to keep you right on the fast track to achieve business objectives.