Ways to Figure Out If Working in a Startup is Right for You

Some people liked getting lost in a new city, as for them, it is therapy. Getting lost can also mean starting an adventure! Thus, some fun and real exciting experiences.

In looking for a job, if you’re in it for the experience rather than the salary, then you might want to consider working in a startup company.

However, let us caution you. Working for a startup is not for everyone. While the idea may sound intriguing and exciting to you, it’s not definitely going to be a walk in the park.

Startups are in a league of their own. While working in a corporate environment gives you a sense of structure and organization, a startup gives you more flexibility to be on your own most of the time. It’s not for those who thrive on systems and rules. While start-ups may have some form of discipline instilled in them, those who work in a startup are expected to be always on their toes and are adaptive to frequent changes.

Before signing the dotted line and joining a startup, focus first on your values and ask yourself these questions:

·  Are you awesome at what you do? If striving for perfection is a sacred mantra for you, then some startup companies might want you in their team. Why, because people who strives for perfection are passionate about what they do. In a startup, having passion for work is very important.

·  Do you represent hard work? Tough love for success will move you along, but you also believe success takes time. Success doesn’t have shortcuts. It requires time, dedication and a lot of hard work.

·  Is experience more rewarding that money? Let’s face it, this is a tough question. But if you want to fly high, you have to train in bearing high winds. The end results? You coming out tougher and more experienced than you working with a big and stabilized company. Plus, aside from a salary, most start-ups offer equity to their employees. A 1% share may seem small, but if we begin to talk about billions, it may not be so small after all. Think WhatsApp!

·  Do you complain if you are no longer working your job description? Shaping up a startup company requires dedication from its meager number of employees, it may mean working overtime and not getting paid. It can also mean multi-tasking and working beyond your job description.

·  Are you willing to ride the waves? Expect more trial and errors here. But if your character can embrace failures as part of success, then you’ll love it here.

·  Do you believe in a strong company culture? Working with people who shares the same vision like you do is never exhausting, and ultimately fun. That fact is absolute.

Ready to take the plunge into startup land? If you have the qualities listed above, you’re definitely on your way to becoming a great startup employee!


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