Want To Be Top Employee? Here’s How You Can Contribute for Startup’s Growth

As the word resounds ‘startup’, what pictures come to your mind? A group of young people working with their gadgets and wearing T-shirt and flip-flops all day, or even playing ping-pong at the office? For most Millennials, joining a startup team might sound like a legit and exciting idea. Who doesn’t fancy the idea of being able to take a nap at work?

While working at such unicorn company does not always guarantee them with huge paycheck or financial security, this does not discourage a huge crowd of fresh grads to be part of the enabler of change. Unfortunately, not everyone can fit in the fast-paced startup culture or thrive in rollercoaster-like business environment. Some are ready to face the challenges it entails, while some others prod to give up half-way.

As there always be ups and downs in a startup life, what is the greatest contribution you can make for your organisation – something that makes you worthy employee? If you are aspired to be a top employee, here are six ways you can add value and bring impactful deed for the startup you work at:

  1. Do more, expect less

Being in a startup means that you should not expect to be pampered with established facilities or even the greatest perks. Instead, you should manage your expectations and get ready with the challenges ahead. If you are working hard enough to do your part, there will be time when you can enjoy the fruits of your real contribution for the organisation.

  1. Be flexible and open-minded

To have detailed plan is crucial for a project’s success. However, the unexpected always happens and sometimes you just have to compromise with the whole situation. Owing to this reason, you should demonstrate a flexible attitude and maintain open-minded views toward everything.

  1. Turn plan into actions

Great startup employee knows it is critical to invest more time in making tangible results rather than making plans. Business environment is undergoing a constant transformation, and the best thing you can do is to react and adapt to such change accordingly.

  1. Help bring in money

You should know that startup’s success is solely defined by profits. Therefore, be it getting additional investor for the startup or generating revenue and sales, there are various ways you can do to keep your organisation afloat by bringing in some funding.

  1. Care about your co-workers

Working at startup is not all about the perks you will receive, but also how you connect with your co-workers and build a chemistry with them. When you enjoy working in a supportive team, this will motivate you to always learn and give your best.

  1. Possess entrepreneurial zest

If you are currently working at startup, there are good chances that you want to run your own someday. But before your time comes, entrepreneurial zest is a must-have qualities you should possess. Always open yourself to new business possibilities by embracing change and staying abreast of the latest information and trends.

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