Want to Work in a Startup? Here are 4 Skills You’ll Need!

Startups have revolutionized the definition of business. And by the term startup, these companies are still “starting” its development phase. Most of them are in a totally different niche where chance of success is 50/50.

With that being said, managers running these businesses – which are usually the founders themselves, are no fan of a bad beginning. Thus, the hiring process is desperately determined to avoid the consequences of failure. Looking for the best candidates doesn’t only mean looking for someone with great credentials. It also means looking for someone who has the right attitude and the right culture fit.

Just like a fisherman leaping with joy at how big his bite was, these founders will feel the same way once they’ll see how valuable you can be to the company. Hiring great people for start-ups is of utmost importance.

In becoming a worthy candidate, one must be dosed with a cocktail of attributes that will make you sell like hotcakes. Here are the 4 must-have qualities if you want to get hired by a startup:

Sales Experience.

Sure you’ve got the skills and the knowledge, but without the proper attitude and market savvy, you will not have any sales!

The world is being run by marketers, and if you got the salesman factor, then you got the thing to die for. As has been said, it’s not about the idea, it’s how you execute and market them. For start-ups, being able to market and sell fast matters a lot. And this is most especially true when founders decide to bootstrap their business.

Marketers with SEO Skills.

A worker that is capable of understanding SEO codes and applying them in the business is a perfect add‐on to the workforce. Skills in online marketing is a must-have for startup employees if they want to get their products or services found online. Let’s face it, it’s the online real estate that matters a lot now.

Data Analysis.

A startup business is basically a data‐filled observational system. Being the person who can identify patterns and interpret the data effectively puts you at an advantage! Why? Because start-ups are based on various numerical factors that somehow leverages these numbers whether the startup succeeds or fails.


An engineer has the innate ability in setting up, building and launching the market’s technological system. This means that you have the ability to create prototypes out of an idea

A successful company begets a successful employee and works vice versa. Exert effort by arming yourself with those skills, and you’ll flourish even more in these fast‐tracked industries. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have all of them, but possessing and excelling in even one quality can spell the difference between getting hired or not in a startup.

Working in a startup presents wonderful rewards and opportunities that big corporate companies may not be able to give. And it’s definitely worth giving it your best shot!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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