Want to be Part of the Unicorn Startup? Here’s How to Land the Right One

Working at startup can be both interesting and challenging experience at once. Startup job often offers a dynamic work environment, exciting experiences, chances to contribute, as well as opportunities to hone your skills and learn deeper about the industry itself.

As there are two sides to every coin, joining a startup team also has its own shortcomings. For example, while you might be passionate about the job, the compensation might not be equal with the efforts you put in it. Not to mention, startup cannot guarantee stability and security in the future.

However, if you are young-spirited talents who focus on the process over the outcome, then pursuing your first career at startup can be the stepping stone for your next move. Then how to get the right startup openings that suit your skills and preference? Here we share some insightful tips to find the right startup jobs:

1. Do your research

Before joining a startup team, you should understand how startup works and functions, as well as its common code of conduct in the workplace so have some idea about how it looks like to work at a startup. Collect as many information and references as possible. If you have a friend or two who have been working at startup, you can ask their opinions about how it feels to be part of the team. You also need to assess both the pluses and minuses of working in it, such that you will not your decision later. Additionally, joining startup community and attending startup event are also recommended to learn and connect with startup players.

2. Prepare yourself

When you have understood both advantages and disadvantages of working at startup, the next thing to do is preparing yourself. It means you should know what you will do and what you will find in startup. You can start by upgrading your knowledge and skills, identifying the right position that suits your expertise, while mentally preparing yourself to enjoy the startup rollercoaster ride before sending an application letter to your dream company.

3. Leverage the internet and your network

Thanks to the internet, job search has never been so easy. You can go to job sites with specific niche such as startupjobs.asia and check the latest startup openings available on daily basis. You can also subscribe to their emailing list to get notifications of the newest job updates in daily basis. Sites such as Startup Jobs Asia offer interested candidates various startup vacancies for various positions and roles. You also need to leverage your networks to find a startup job. It will be a big opportunity if you happen to be friend with a startup’s recruiter, or ask someone familiar with startup environment to introduce you with prominent founders.

4. Choose potential startup

After finding the list of companies that offer positions for your expertise, now you to choose the right company you will send application to. It is important to consider a startup based on their vision and mission, potentials, as well as company culture. Last but not least, you need to make some alternatives and Plan B to prepare for the worst case.

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