Vegan and Sustainable Startups That are Changing the Future

Vegan startups initially started as a niche. For the longest time, the plant-based food sector struggled to develop their business mainly because investors with vegan-adjacent ethics were hard to come by. Rather than compassionate choice and conscious consumerism, investors are naturally more drawn to business with a commercial safe net. But once considered as a fringe movement, veganism is rapidly rising and becoming mainstream in recent years. 

Now, veganism is more common and well-accepted, thus the market has also expanded and grown in numbers. It opened doors to entrepreneurs with passion in the vegan lifestyle to change the course of history. What was used to be only a burgeoning sector now turns into mainstream business that promises big financial returns. This development is definitely worth celebrating for all and not only for vegan communities. 

Here are 3 vegan startups and their world-changing innovation to look out for:

  • Nova Meat
    “Plant-based meat, reinvented.” Nova Meat is a Barcelona-based vegan startup founded in 2018 by Giuseppe Scionti, PhD. Scionti received his PhD in Biomedicine and is an active member of MENSA International High-IQ Society. It goes without saying that you can expect marvelous products from a startup founded by a 150-IQ percentile.

    Nova Meat is the first to transform food using 3D printing technology. It combines both plant-based scaffolding with animal cells grown in a lab. Nova Meat has been creating vegan steak using whole cut analogues designed using its tech. The prototype has been named the “world’s biggest” prototype to date.

  • Meet Jack
    Founded in 2017, Meet Jack is a vegan startup based in the Netherlands. The best part of Meet Jack is they use jackfruits to replace meat. Weighing 25kg and is 40cm tall on average, jackfruits usually only need very little water to grow quickly, even without pesticide and other chemicals. This makes jackfruits the best candidate to imitate meat texture.

    Meet Jack does not stop their innovation at producing vegan BBQ-pulled meat. They also develop other products like fully-formed burger patties and razor-thin gyros. Currently, Meet Jack is supplying over 25 restaurants with its jackfruit-based vegan meat.

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  • Mister Veg
    Just last April, the Indian plant-based meat startup Mister Veg received US$570,000 funds in total from Jubilant FoodWorks, the mother company of Domino’s Pizza India. Founded in 2018, Mister Veg aims to provide Indian consumers cruelty-free meat and seafood options, along with plant-based ready to eat meals that can last in room temperatures for a long period of time.

    Recently, there has been a trend among Indians for alternative proteins. Many believe that the plant-based food sector in India is about to take-off as people are more and more aware of how important it is to consume protein responsibly.

    Mister Veg’s co-founder, Simarjeet Singh, told Green Queen, “This is the very best time for launching plant-based foods, especially meat substitutes, products in India, as growth is skyrocketing growth around the world, and so many different well established companies have eyes on this segment.”

Money is available where demands are present. Vegan entrepreneurs are great with their sensitivity to detect opportunities long before it presents. Just like the veganism movement itself, vegan startups also began as a radical idea but now plant-based food is widely-accepted by many. Even if you are not a vegan, aspiring entrepreneurs like you can always learn from them specifically about their resilience. Ready to turn ideas into actions? 

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