Do the Trick: 5 Tips to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch for Startup Founders

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet – Bobby Unser

Once time, you get the opportunity to attend a startup meetup that brings together many prominent people in the business world. Now try to imagine a scenario where you suddenly come across an angel investor within two short minutes on the elevator during your walk to the venue. The question is, how can you turn the small talk to avoid awkward silence on the elevator into a great opportunity to get your startup noticed – and even funded?

And that is what the elevator pitch all about.

Every founder understands the challenges in the efforts to obtain funding to support a new startup. In the beginning of a business establishment, a founder is required to meet with many kinds of people, including potential customers, investors or venture capitalists, as well as mentors. To ensure that these efforts borne fruit, a founder should possess great communication skills. They must be able to present and describe their business with not only clear and concise words, but also deep and impactful ones.

Not only speaking in front of the panelists in a formal presentation session, you should also be able to explain your startup vision even in an accidental situation such as the scenario mentioned above. Many times, business opportunities come unexpectedly and unplanned. That being said, it is time where you have to prepare your elevator pitch so you will not flop it when the opportunity comes.

If you want to spark future investor or customer’s interest in your startup, here are 5 tips to craft a winning pitch for startup founder:

  1. Show your passion

People are naturally attracted to those who exude passion and confidence. Therefore, when you can present your vision and ideas passionately to your audience, it will be easier to engage and convince them in your pitch.

  1. Tell your story

Relatable story will connect you and the audience better. You can deliver a story of how and why you come up with the business idea, as well as how your product or service can help and change the customer’s lives.

  1. Be honest

You should always keep in mind that clarity is a key element in crafting an elevator pitch. Make sure that you present facts instead of assumption. Only by doing this, you can gain the listener’s trust and persuade them to use your product or service.

  1. Keep it short and simple

Do not lose the listener’s attention by keeping your pitch short and simple. Eliminate unnecessary jargon or slogan that might confuse your audience and thus turn away from you. Look at who you are talking to, such that you can adjust yourself and speak with their language.

  1. Make a call to action

Your elevator pitch should contain an encouragement for the audience to do something related to your startup. For example, you can invite them to try your product or service, download your mobile app, or visit your workspace directly.

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