Top Cities for Female Entrepreneurs across the World

Attention! We might need more women entrepreneurs globally.

Source of innovation and ideas, entrepreneurs, especially womenpreneurs has made up the fifth largest GDP in 2009, as written in Jackie VanderBrug research. VanderBrug found that ever since women are involved in business and able to gain access to their own financial freedom, they can help decrease poverty and increase the overall economic status of a country. Approximately 37 percent of enterprises globally are run by women, a significant number that womenpreneur could be the answer for reducing poverty, added VanderBrug.

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The bad news, however, women entrepreneurs still struggle to access the capital, networks and resources needed to leverage their businesses. According to Dell survey, globally, women still face difficulties in terms of funding, cost of living and government-led policies that support them to do the business. Consequently, it is a tough situation for womenpreneurs to compete with male entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, women fellows! You don’t need to agonise the situation as there are cities that become a huge supporter of your personal and professional startup career. These cities are best for living and even a better place to grow your business. Dell found that the following list is a competitive yet womenpreneurs friendly cities to tap into the markets, talents, capital, culture, and technology.

Key takeaway 

According to the report, Singapore which was the first best city for womenpreneurs in Asia has declined in rank and replaced by Sydney as it has a very tight competition with other cities. Yet, Singapore still remains to have the strongest pillars both in talent and technology. Regardless of the ranking, nonetheless, the overall index showed that there is high competitiveness amongst 50 listed cities above that is good for womenpreneurs to stay ahead in markets.

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