Top 5 Qualities to Succeed In a Startup

Working in a startup is not like all cotton candies and chocolates. There are still some certain qualities that are needed to help you succeed in the startup world.


Here are the 5 qualities one must possess to survive in a startup.

  • Passion. If you want to be successful in everything you do, one must be passionate in what he is doing. This also applies to business. If you believe in your product so much and you are so passionate about it, it will reflect on your product. People then will be driven to believe in your product and you will find your product in the middle o f many believers that are patronizing it.


  • Roll-up-your-sleeves mentality. As the saying goes, everything starts with a dot. If you are just starting up, you will do all the dirty work and no job is too little for you. Since your team is just starting and will be consist of small numbers, it is always a big possibility that you will be dealing with a lot of problems at the beginning and you will be required to be hands-on.


“I am not the person for this” should not be in your vocabulary.


Small business needs people who are willing to do everything that need to be done no matter what his position is in the company. What good for the company matters and not the label on your table.

  • New ideas are nice however developed ideas will leave us awed. Ideas are essential for a startup business. If you got it, share it. You might be ecstatic with the response of your team. But your idea will be worthless if there is no execution that will follow. Working on the presented ideas will be the gasoline for your business. You must identify your top 3 ideas and start working on them.


  • Be proactive. Doesn’t matter if everyone in your team is a newbie or a veteran in the business. The advantage of working in a start up is that everyone has a potential that can eventually help the business in the long run.


Always show that you are always thinking ahead and seeking for opportunities to help your business to move forward. It may be as small as cleaning up a process or as big as doing weekly financial reports, offering your help to a colleague when your tasks are already done should be practiced.

  • Strategize, don’t be a by-stander. When the team is brainstorming, a critical eye will be very much handy. Unlike your corporate counterparts, your role here is to unmask issues and seek for opportunities for change and improvement. Even if you are the newest team member and quite uneasy about the very big role behind the status, look for a fun yet professional way to share your insights and idea to the team.


You can pitch in your greatest ideas at lunch meetings, or even Friday night-outs with your boss. Telling them how you feel and what you think about a certain situation will give them an idea how critical you think, and thus you will be more valued as a team member.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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