Top 5 Keys to Build a Winning Startup Team

When you just take the first step of an entrepreneurial journey and set up your own startup, you might be able to take care of everything by yourself. However, as your business keeps growing and the demand for your product or service increases, you will need to extend your team and bring in new faces to your small organisation.

Everyone knows that a solid startup team is the key to a successful startup. By fetching the right hires, you can form a winning team that works with enthusiasm, passion, and commitment for both personal and organizational growth.

However, while every founder shares the same thought on the matter, the big question is, how do you build this dream team? What are the factors that make a team work effectively? How do you attract top talents and lead them to collaborate together toward organisational goals?

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, there are good chances that these questions will cross your mind and even give you a headache. Relax, you are not alone!

Starting your own venture might be an easy thing to do. And yet, making sure that it will survive and thrive in the business, this will be the real challenge. One key to keep your newly-born startup stay afloat is by backing it up with a reliable and high-functioning team. With the right team, you can confidently spend your budget into the right investment.

Here are 5 keys in building impactful startup team that will help bring tangible results and make progresses throughout your organisation:

  1.       Search for the best

The best talents do not show up all of sudden in your office door. The first step you should take is do your homework to source top talents that you need to fill vacant positions in your startup. Doing something halfhearted will not bring maximum results, including in hiring. So take your time to search for the best, such that you will not waste your time, money, and energy on wrong hires in the future. To ensure that they are worth it, you should do thorough background review and check their references.

  1.       Hire for cultural fit

Your new hires might possess long list of hard-skills and meet on-paper qualifications required for the job. However, if they fail to demonstrate an ability to adapt and adjust themselves, chances are, they will not be able to function optimally as a team. Therefore, it is crucial for you to assess the candidate’s cultural fitness. You should ensure that they share the same goals and values, such that when they are on board, they can blend in smoothly and lead a superior job performance.

  1.       Socialise organisation’s goals

Everyone in a team might play a different role, but they work to carry out the same dream. A leader must ensure that everyone is in the same boat toward the same destination. To do this, you have to socialise the goals and set clear direction on how your startup can achieve success. Along the way, measure the growth and progress so you can gauge your strategy’s effectiveness. So when you find any errors, you can address and fix them accordingly.

  1.       Encourage collaborative zest

Winning startup team knows how to collaborate and work side by side. Only with excellent teamwork, they can execute the plan and get things done successfully. Encourage your team member to adopt open and honest communication, such that they can build trust between each other. As startup founder, you should take the lead by demonstrating such positive attitude.

  1.       Give them freedom

Startup is well-known for its flexible working arrangement and loose working hours. As long as task is finished and target is met, it does not matter whether your employee shows up at work at morning or noon. Therefore, it is wise to give your employees freedom to choose their own working hour. Providing them opportunity to work from home can also be a great alternative to ensure that they remain connected despite the stretching distance.

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