Top 5 Hiring Mistakes Your Startup Should Avoid

Everyone agrees that the recruitment process is tough. Whatever the scale, both corporate and startup companies face the same challenge in hiring the best talent to join and strengthen the company.

If you are a startup founder, hiring top talents that fit the startup culture, vision, mission and goals are critical as this determines the success and failure of the growing business. A single new hire will influence the existing team, especially startup business which commonly has fewer employees who handle the whole company matters.

A bad hire affects not just your finances but also team morale, productivity, client relations, company reputation, and your product or service itself. Quite terrible isn’t it?

Here are top 5 hiring mistakes your startup should avoid!

Hiring Generalists Over Specialists

Hiring a highly recommended talent with multiple skill sets and expertises is quite tempting and might cost less for your growing startup, but how long could you wait for the ideal employee? If you already met the person, does she/he fit the job position offered?

Think twice before hiring the generalists as they are not always suitable for your startup business! Seek out talents that specialise in different areas of expertises, so that you can build a stronger team that complements each other’s skill sets. Discover the know-how of what your product requires at each stage and look for candidates that specialise in those areas.

Unclear Job Description

You might be running a startup, but keep working like professionals! A job description is vital to creating a clear framework and guidelines to a job position. With a clear job description, it will be easier to gauge the capabilities and skill sets required select the one that fits best to the requirements!

An ideal job description must include the complete list of responsibilities, skills set, personality traits, required qualifications, and any other capabilities that you’re looking for.

Hiring fast

Working at high-speed is common in startups, but apply the same method in hiring a talent is not a good idea. You might have a big project coming up and your client awaits for your well-prepared proposals and capable teamwork presentations.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a structured hiring plan to get the best talent. To hire the wrong person is costly, and you might lose a chance to hire the best talent while trying to train the new hire.

Low cost talent

Startup business doesn’t always have a lot of fundings to hire experts. However, investing in your employees is vital, and make sure you’ve great negotiation skills! Keep in mind to hire the best you can afford.

Hire the best cultural fit for your startup

You are eager to hire a candidate who has adequate experience in a corporate company, but how sure are you whether she/he would fit best to your startup culture?

The fast-paced growing business needs people who are enthusiastic to learn new things, to have the thirst for challenges and adaptability.

In conclusion, a good understanding of the startup culture, prior experience working with a startup and excitement responses towards your companies shared values and goals are some indicators you can gauge to hire the next vital team member.

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