Top 3 Sites to Visit for Your Startup Funding Attempt

Everyone knows that building a startup needs a hefty stack of cash. With your startup funds running low, there is no other choice than looking for funding for your startup. From angel investor to crowdfunding, there are plenty options you can consider.

Hence, startup founders are more lucky with a myriad of supports for startups are stronger. Leveraging the global outreach of the internet, your startup can now receive the funding online. You don’t have to spend so many days of meeting with investors one after another anymore!

There are so many places to get funding for startups, but some of them are not available in Asia. Thus, we shortlisted for you. Here are 3 sites you should visit for your startup funding attempt.

  1. Crowdo

Have you build your startup in Southeast Asia? If yes, Crowdo is the answer for you funding problem. The home-grown crowdfunding portal offers peer-to-peer lending to business, since its platform enables to match investors with startups which need loans for working capital.

Aiming to be the biggest crowdfunding company in Southeast Asia, Crowdo has a mission to empower Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Asia. Their clients range from startups to large scale Hi-tech companies to global social organisations.

The Singapore-based firm is just recently launched operations in Malaysia, and is now targeting Indonesia. They found that equity crowdfunding (ECF) is creating a buzz across Southeast Asia in the last 12 months.

  1. Techlist.Asia

As Tech in Asia recognised the lack of truly Asia-focused fundraising platform, the site launched Techlist.Asia. It provides high-quality connections and tangible results for Asian startups and investors. Indeed, the site has been useful to identify certain trends for startups and investors interested in or based in Asia.

The platform bridges brilliant startups and investors in Asia, making it easy for startups to raise money, and for investors to source good companies.

Give it a try for the striving online platform which is on its way to curate high quality information on the Asian ecosystem. They would be happy if they see more amazing startups getting funded and reach greater heights.

  1. Indiegogo

Go big or go home. Challenge yourself by submitting your startup to the largest global fundraising site. The site enables us to let our ideas get funded. With the tools to help campaigns boost the awareness and funds to get there, they are simply empower everyone to live their dreams.

Originally not for startup, Indiegogo is still available to anyone, anywhere to raise money for anything. Moreover, its success fee is one percent lower than most websites.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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