Tools to Ease Collaboration for Startups

Collaboration is key, especially for startups. A symbiotic relationship is always the most ideal, as it gives some advantage for your small business. It is quite normal for startups to have employees from different parts of the word. What they need is a highly efficient collaboration between skillsets and capabilities.

Luckily, current access to information and technology has been putting collaboration in much easier ways. Whether it is in-house collaboration to build the team within your startup or startup-to-startup collaboration, there are some tools to ease collaboration:

  1. Skype

Most people usually use Skype for non-work related free video calls. However, this one could also be useful for collaboration on a daily basis. Startup people can connect each other, even when they are physically very far away. Skype could spark lively brainstorming or discussion with clients.

As many startups are considered as virtual companies, Skype reduces its challenges. Distance does not matter anymore because of this tool!

  1. Google Drive

It is more than just a cloud platform. Possibly the most collaborative tool created by the might Google, startup people can use Google Drive for everything. It provides a simple way to have multiple people work on one file by using its features, such as Google Docs.

Hence, this tool enable things to be organised for hectic startup tasks.

  1. TeamBox

It offers unique functionalities for your startup. TeamBox is able to be your main project management system. Each member can post conversations in a “New Idea” project, then discuss it in the real world when everyone is available. A collaborative effort could be built because of this tool.

  1. Asana

With its simplicity, Asana makes collaboration possible, as well as working for startup tasks to meet deadlines. It works very well for a small team with plenty of things to do. Also, this tool is free, making it is a startup-friendly platform.

  1. Producteev

If it is all about getting startup tasks done, this tool is the answer! A cross-platform tool which works for collaboration, Producteev is quite user-friendly. Multitaskers like startup people will find this helpful as it could be set up for many projects at the same time. Moreover, each member has a space to comment on projects. Productive collaboration is now possible, thanks to Producteev.

  1. Basecamp

Finishing a project together is the purpose of collaboration. Basecamp has taken collaboration to a new level by keeping everyone on the same page. Everyone works toward a common goal, and surely everyone will see the impact within them.


There is no excuse to not collaborate in this fast-changing era. Diversify your products, build diverse team, and leverage the skills. Eventually, your startup will create value in a specific sector. Collaborate now!

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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