Tools to Boost The Productivity at Your Startup

Everyday should be as productive as possible at a startup. Every single person on the startup team is forced to be a master efficiency, since he/she is wearing so many hats. The business depends on their ability to make the right choices, and spend the right amount of time to do their tasks.

To boost the productivity at your startup, here are several tools to use:

  1. Slack

Be less busy, as its slogan says. Slack is an app to coordinate with your team. It creates streamline communication across the entire team with group conversations, private discussions, and direct messaging.

Old-school chat rooms? Not really. Slack makes everything in sync and it’s hosted in the cloud. It’s also integrated with other platforms we usually use, such as Google Drive and Trello. Everyone can also access Slack on the web and other smart devices.

2. Trello

As we mention Trello before, let’s get to know this one! Trello is a helpful project management tool. It helps us to get more done in a day, week, or month. As a visual-focused web-app, we can see and manage the progress of our projects easier for the people involved.

3. Productivity Owl

Ever think that you were slacking off a lot on the internet? Try Productivity Owl, an extension on Google Chrome. This will force you to be more productive as the owl follows you to every website you visit. It swoops across the page when you’re not being productive.



Scheduling meetings will require less time with This web-based tool allows you to make time suggestions directly from your calendar. It eliminates us to go back and forth between the calendar and emails. From now on, we are able to coordinate a meeting time a lot easier for all parties.

5. Lift

All of us want to maintain our good habits, but we are usually forget that! We don’t go jogging every day, or we keep forgetting to drink more water. No worries, Lift can make us lift the good habits. The tool is keeping track of your daily progress and sending you push notifications to remind you to stay on track.

6. Pocket

This app can help you to store information, links, and images. So that, you can search through them later (when you’re having spare times). In other word, this tool is great for bookmarking things to read for later.


“If this, then that”. We can now create productivity chains with this simple app by making recipes of Triggers and Actions to prompt you to stay productive. Well, this one is also very good to remind you to always boost your productivity.


Try all of the tools above to boost the productivity at your startup. Small changes might lead to bigger impacts!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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