To Hire a Hacker or Hustler First?

Why would a startup company want to hire a hacker as part of their staff setup? A good argument would be that hackers or developers possess skills that can be used positively. Someone who started out as a hacker breaking into network systems can make a turnaround and use the same skills to help a company such as providing advice on network security. An experienced and knowledgeable hacker would have the know-how of the tricks of the trade as compared to an IT professional – it would be like putting the offense against defense. Besides coming cheap as compared to hiring a highly trained and experienced computer expert, the developer has it in his blood to finding vulnerabilities in the network and this could prove an extremely useful asset for any company. Developers enjoy what they do and are spending hours perfecting their skills.

hustler is basically a visionary and would be the leader of the team. On his shoulders lies the burden of building the company brick by brick. The hustler or team leader would need to manage the various projects, ignite a sense of passion in the staff, form partnerships and ensure the business model is kept updated. He needs to have comprehensive knowledge covering cost structure and financials; he must also be able to communicate with investors and make tough decisions. In short the hustler must eat, breathe and sleep the business model.

While the hustler eats, breathes and sleeps the business model, the developer eats, breathes and sleeps the code. He fills the position of a chief technology executive capable of creating the intellectual property and algorithms for technology required by the customers. The hacker can make the right choices for the coding environment and platform which the startup company requires to grow. Some hackers possess knowledge of design and customer development, as also the ability to hustle people in reality and promote business.

So what is the answer to the question of who should be hired first? Should it be a Hacker or a Hustler? Whereas a startup would want the expertise and knowledge of a hacker to guide, explore and utilize the many opportunities in networking, until and unless there is a startup in which the hacker can work, his talents would be of no use. So the answer to the question would be that indeed a Hustler would be the more important and necessary first choice for a startup. He is – as stated above – the start and the end of the business.  Without the hustler there would be no company, no product and no customers.  The hustler is a person who has to handle anything and everything – from connecting with people to creating valuable opportunities for him and others. In spite of this the ideal answer would be that every startup should have three important roles:  a hustler, a hacker and a designer. According to a saying: “Though individuals play the game, it is the team that beats the odds”.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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