Tips to Successfully Attend a Networking Event

To the new‐age girls and boys, the milk and honey of a business is in initiating connections. To start a career with entrepreneurship, immersing yourself to networking events is a strategy to gain more prospects and build your business on higher grounds.

The adage no man is an island can never ring truer as far as business connections is concerned. Knowing the top influencers in your niche, the demographics of your target customers as well as knowing who your competitors are can go a long way in making your company succeed.

Always be prepared to meet new people and to do good when you are attending networking events. Who you will meet and how you impress them will definitely pay off in the long run. The rewards may not be immediate, but it’ll be like planting seeds of goodwill which can give you a great harvest at some future time.

If you have just decided to attend a networking event, you can ready yourself with some of the tips below:

Refrain from becoming someone who has gone too soon.

Don’t just attend the said event gathering business cards and then leaving like nothing happened. The essence of this event is to keep them from forgetting you afterwards. Make sure to mingle and join conversations. When there are opportunities for you to help other attendees – maybe you just heard someone is asking for something that you are very knowledgeable about, share what you know. This will enable you to become the go-to person for the specific subject matter at hand.

Sell yourself.

Show how valuable you can be for them. Convince them that doing business with you is the best decision they can ever make. But here’s a word of warning: Don’t oversell yourself. Show them what you’ve got by sharing valuable tips and information without revealing too much.

Don’t be stingy.

Offer your help in introducing one contact to another in the event. This might be a good investment for the future. Connecting like-minded people will help you become a great people person. This will enable you to grow your network. Remember the power of two? From only two people, these two people definitely know other people as well who you may not know. And by helping these 2 people get connected, they might be able to help you know someone in their own circle who you’ve been raring to meet.

Be technology savvy.

Use the convenience that these gadgets can offer you. Not only will these help you gather and store contact information, but it also keeps you in touch with your newly found contacts once the party’s over.

Be the loudest. Have a regular presence in networking events, and be the good kind. Keep tabs of the networking events you’ve attended, and repeatedly connect with them to gain trust and commitment.


We hope these tips can go a long way into helping you shine in the next networking event you’ll be attending.


You have other tips? Please do feel free to share in the comments below.


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