Tips to Get Media Coverage for Your Startup

Every startup founder will agree that one of the biggest challenges in building a startup is how to promote the business itself. Founders might allocate some budget and try introducing the business by using massive advertisement as part of their marketing strategy. However, it is not enough to boost your startup’s visibility. If you face similar issue, why don’t you consider you media coverage?

There are some benefits you can reap from media coverage for your startup. Through media coverage, you can properly introduce your startup to the public so they will know better about what kind of products or services you are offering. Not to mention, you never know if this strategy can also attract prominent investor to fund your startup or co-founder to collaborate with. When you can keep your company’s good visibility and reputation, it will be easier for you to find top talents who wish to join the team at the next recruitment drive, too.

While media coverage does bring great benefits for your startup, getting your business noticed by media might not be an easy feat, especially if you cannot offer something new or attractive for them to cover. Check the following tips on how to get media coverage for your startup:

Jot down a press release

You can write a press release and submit it to prominent media platforms, both in local or national level. You should ensure that the key messages written in the press release can represent your startup value and mission. The more you send it to media, the more it get chances of getting picked and published by some of those platforms. If you plan to hold a product launching, you can invite some media and startup enthusiasts to the event as well.

Reach out and build network with journalist

You can leverage LinkedIn to find and reach out journalists who might be interested in covering your story. You can also go out and meet them directly in various events such as  career fair, certain brands launching, national-scale seminar, or other events where journalists might come. First, you can approach them and politely introduce yourself, then exchange business card and slip in information about your startup. When you can present your story in an appealing way, there are good chances that media journalists will be interested to bring up the news about your startup.

Participate in local event

You should be updated on the event schedules in your area, especially those which could possibly attract media. You should contact the event organiser and offer yourself to be a partner or host in the event. You can join events which are related to your startup niche, such as business seminar, IT talks, or even social charity.

Social media optimisation

People have always been using social media as their top source of obtaining daily news and information, so do the journalists. They often pick some viral topics from social media and publish it as a news. You can use this opportunity to introduce your startup. Make useful and interesting contents, then post it to your company’s social media account and update it as often as possible. You can also share your startup-related article or news to particular groups and media fan pages.

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