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Today, we hear from Benjamin about his thoughts on startups since making that switch! 

This week, we hear from a (ex)-Lecturer in a local Polytechnic whom made a switch to a Startup and it was also through Startup Jobs Asia, he was able to chance upon the opportunity to make this switch!

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from Mr Benjamin Yang, currently the Director of Partner Management (Singapore) of DocDoc Pte Ltd, on his thoughts on Startups.

“My experience in a startup is vastly different from my lecturer job when I was in Singapore Polytechnic. The pace is much more dynamic because startups are jousting for survival in a space frequently occupied by established titans (big names). Therefore to survive, one has to be much more nimble. Because of that the job itself can be stressful but it is also immensely satisfying as well because you typically cross over many different job scopes and make decisions that will matter or make a difference either within the startup and/or frequently to the rest of the world. 

Also, because the startups are typically small teams, the hierarchy is pretty flat. This is refreshing for me because back in Singapore Polytechnic even a minor decision has to be vetted by a long line of personnel whereas in a startup, you just tap on your colleague next to you discuss, agree and execute. This build stronger teams because everyone has a stake in the startup. Nobody has time for politicking or fighting each other in a small group. There is a common goal that is to move forward and survive.

My thanks to Startup jobs asia portal for making this greatest time of my life possible.” 

It’s really encouraging to the team at Startup Jobs Asia to see the fruitful results and the positive note from people who took that step forward and made the switch.

We thank Benjamin for his inputs in allowing the rest to take a peek into a part of his life on this move he had made!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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