Think Big, Set Your Startup’s Vision from the Beginning

What are the things you need to build a startup? Sufficient capital, awesome co-founder(s), and a brilliant idea. Is that it? Please, think big, even though everyone knows that you start small. In fact, it is important to focus on your startup’s vision since the beginning, since it could prevent you from premature failure.

Let’s see the bigger picture. How do you imagine your startup would be in five years from now? Yes, this method also works for startup, not only for large corporations. Visualising success is the very first step to making it happen. With a proper vision, you can start getting everyone to participate in that vision. Simply, make the vision into a reality.

Why vision is essential – Conception & Toddler analogy

Most startup founders think of their startup as a toddler. They gave it a name, and take care of them with so many stuff (legal documents, money, time). Yet, they easily fail. Yes, they raised some money, hired a few employees, and announced their existence in the startup world. But they are gone in months or a year later.

This is simply because they don’t understand the differences between the conception and toddler stages of a business. Startups are actually more equivalent to the conception than toddler. Once you conceive an idea, your mind is supposed to race. Think about all the possibilities of what this vision could turn into.

A toddler startup will prematurely launch its product, while a visionary startup would love to spend some time to interact with early customers as well as hearing their feedback. Your vision makes you curious enough to find out whether your product or service provides value in people’s lives.

Set the vision

Although the vision is not tangible, it is still as important as the strategic goal. It should be the reason to keep your startup running in the first place. As a startup founder, think through the vision in the context of what the results it will achieve. And it could be anything!

While it could be your very subjective vision, you should beware. A vision should not focus upon the company and owner’s profits solely. A successful startup is always a game-changer. They are able to make a difference for the society. Thus, a selfish vision will not get your startup far, since you will not attract many customers either.

Remember, your startup’s vision will determine pretty much everything. Ranging from your employees, to your customers. Have some thoughts, think thoroughly, and you can also update it if it is necessary.

Don’t forget to communicate

Your possibly perfect vision may get your head straight, but don’t forget to tell others about it. You should be actually excited about your startup’s vision, so that you felt that telling everyone is normal. This act will be even more crucial for your a few first employees. They need to clearly understand your vision (better if they are excited too). A good vision could be able to make your employees to feel that they have a path while working for your startup every single day.

Now, have you set a wonderful vision for your startup?

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