Things You Shouldn’t Do When Negotiating a Startup Job Offer

After rounds of strenuous tests and interviews, the hiring manager calls you back with a good news: “You are selected for the job role and we are sending across the job offer letter.” Finally you take a deep breath, feeling relieved, gratified and this moment does call in for a celebration, but wait!

Just before you sign above the dotted line, agree and accept the terms of working for a startup team, here’s one more thing you just cannot ignore, because it does matter and accounts to your skill worthiness in the job market: Mastering the tact of negotiating right.

With all the awesome perks offered by a startup (bidding goodbye to suits and tie seems just perfect). It is not surprising that more and more youth today, are interested in working for growing  startups with vibrant vivacious young teams. However, when you finally land upon a startup job offer, your homework is not done – yet.

You might have the right passion, skills and experience for the job role, however you need to research about the company background and scalability in the market, as well as acknowledge the risks and consequences if you decide to join one. In other words, you have to see great potential for its future.

But then comes up the tough question. How do you weigh the compensation and risks involved? You know, you have to be realistic about compensation, considering its status as an early-stage brewing enterprise. Can you just abruptly accept the job offer first mentioned to you, hoping that you eventually get promoted along the way? Obviously, this is not the rig