The Pleasure Only Startup Workers Understand

Life ain’t easy for startup workers. But that doesn’t mean they are not having the time of their lives! They say the startup journey is full of ups and downs. However, ‘roller coaster’ is just a metaphor for positive thinking people.

Yes, startup life isn’t glamorous at all. But still, there are many pleasures that we can be thankful for. Here are some for your thoughts:

  1. Growing passion

Not working in a fancy corporate, but your growing passion working in a startup. You like what you are doing, and feel the indescribable excitement when you’re going to work. You also can improve the skills that you call it as your passion, like real deep, because your startup wants you to be an expert (and they let you fail first).

  1. Receive appreciation

Every time your startup get noticed by other people, you will feel a bit more superior. You’re with the startup since the beginning, and now people are starting to know the startup (without your explanation). For a corporate worker, it’s nothing because people around already knew. For a startup worker, it’s some sort of appreciation.

Things will be even better if the startup you are working for is starting to be successful. Any achievement means a lot for the people who work there. More and more people will give compliments, and that could make you jump for joy.

In a startup, some of your tasks usually will “wow” your boss and colleagues. Their appreciation is one of the best thing in your startup life.

  1. High responsibility

You might be the only one with the skillset at your startup. Thus, you would be handling plenty of things. You are in charge, and you have high responsibility. You can easily became a leader or head of something.

Unlike working at a corporate that will make you like a small bolt on a giant machine, the startup where you are working at makes you different. The responsibility they gave is making you as a fast learner.

  1. Priceless freedom

Most startups offer flexible working hours. You can work at night, or even at the weekend (if you like, and if there is anything to be done on the supposed days off). Say goodbye to the strict working routines. You can decide if you are a night owl or an early bird. You can take a good nap now.

  1. Small team, less conflict

Startups don’t have that countless people who are divided to various division. It’s only a few people with various skills. These people work together in the same room at their office. With different things to do, they are more likely to respect each other. No competition, no clique. Conflict is more impossible to happen in a startup life. Because everyone is happy to support their colleagues.


With those invisible pleasures, you better keep enjoying the startup life. Cheers!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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