The People You Need for Startup Success

The People You Need for Startup Success

Ever wonder who are the people you need to bring your startup on top? You may have heard that you need the thinker, the tech guy, or the mover. But, what kind of people are essential to startup success?

We kept telling “people” here because startup success or failure depends on the team. Even though your startup’s business idea is brilliant and supported by financial power, you still have to be sure that your team has what it takes to bring it to the next level.

A founding team determines everything, such as your startup path, personalities, and future. Thus, choose carefully about the people on your startup’s team. You have to make it as the right team. Here are the people you need for startup success:

The People You Need for Startup Success

1. The leader

If large enterprises or corporates have one big leader each, so do startups. Yes, there are a few founders at the same time and place, but pick one person to be the clear leader. Let him/her to be the one for everyone look up to when a hard decision or a conflict happens.

Of course, the leader should have true leadership in them. Thus, people are naturally willing to follow their crucial decisions. Otherwise, this leader can’t do much for the startup success.

2. The master-of-one

For the startup’s core business, better find a genius who has the expertise in a field. From the geek who is a tech champion to the marketing guy who is considered as the industry veteran.

Fortunately, these kinds of people could be the mover as well. They persuade other team members to get things done because they can complete the tasks efficiently. As important team members in the startup, there is no chance any startup founder is letting the strong talents go (as long as they can behave).

3. The visionary

Every startup has a big dream, but when the time goes by, many of team members forget about that. Thus, it is important to have someone who keeps focusing on the vision. Someone who can inspire others to do more than they are paid to do.

Moreover, the visionary always came with solutions when there are problems faced by your startup. He/she keeps your startup’s dream intact, even when some of the founders are hopeless with current challenges.

4. The bridge builder

Will the startup success if nobody knows about its existence? Surely not. This is why every startup needs to have the connector or someone who can declare your startup to the world. This person should have strong sales skills, a network of important contacts in the industry, and ability to build relationships with investors as well as customers.

If your startup has amazing products, do not forget to let someone to ‘sell’ it in the competitive marketplace.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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