The Importance of Being a Social Butterfly

Do you find it pleasurable speaking to someone you just met on the street or on a bus on your way home? Do you enjoy doing favors for friends, relatives or even classmates?


Well, it is no doubt that you are such a good talker and can make everybody you just met feel at ease to trust you with stories that they will only share to someone they have known for quite some time. Friends for you came in first before strangers, and chances are you are able to charm everybody with your sweet smile and positive aura.


For some this might sound very strange. Especially these days where you can’t trust everybody you meet in the streets.  But in the business side, you can make use of this as an advantage. You are able to establish personal relationships to people you have just met and that is what business is all about. It is important to develop those qualities of making friends, namely trust, honesty and understanding.


Trust in any business takes a lot of time to build, just like in personal relationships. Only experience can teach us whether you can count on someone or not. So in reality, you cannot really expect walking into a networking event and then at the end of the day, you will exit the function room with everyone backing you up.


It takes a lot of time and effort for everybody in the function room to believe in what you are saying and thus believe in the things that you are selling. You need to establish trust and show them the sincerity you have with your work and your merchandise. Through these, they will feel something that will eventually make them decide to believe in you.


In meeting someone, the first thing that you want to get from the people around you is trust. Maybe there is someone out there in the event that feels just as nervous as you are in meeting new people.


However, you will never know that if you won’t share how you feel to that other person. When honesty have been established, you will then not have a hard time struggling with sharing and introducing yourselves to one another and you will end the day benefitting from both such interaction.


Being a social butterfly is really an edge. This means you have the guts and the courage to speak with everybody, you have the power to engage people to what you are telling them and it is right to pay them with you being a trustworthy person. You have this certain charm and confidence that most people don’t have.


Use it to your advantage. Use it to build relationships, to widen your networks.


Remember, building relationships is like bridging gaps between businesses. A long lasting relationship might start with a simple glance, an exchange of smiles. A simple handshake can be the beginning of the most important deals of our lives.


So don’t be scared, talking and meeting a lot of people may be very beneficial to you and your business. Go, fly, you little social butterfly!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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