The Difference between Founder and Co-founder

The Difference between Founder and Co-founder

The term founder and co-founder is popular among startups. But what exactly do they mean? What’s the difference between the two and which one is more suitable for your next business project?

Founder vs. co-founder 

A founder refers to a person who has a defined idea of a business, but they  might not have adequate finance or human resources, or even have lack of required skills to execute the business alone. 

A co-founder, on the other hand, is an individual who accompanies the founder (person with idea) in establishing the business. The term co-founder exists to give equal credit to multiple people who start a business together. 

Examples of founder and co-founder 

The easiest example of founder co-founder is within Facebook organisations. Facebook was born out of Mark Zuckerberg’s idea during his university days. When Zuckerberg wanted to expand Facebook’s business model, he asked help from his friends, including Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes. These four people took major responsibilities and then were recognised as the co-founders of the social media platform. 

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Who should be your co-founder? 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who has a great idea but in need of a co-founder, you must not pick just anyone. There are criteria you should keep when choosing a co-founder. For example, if you are building a tech startup and you don’t have the technical skills or background, your co-founder should have a technical background. If you are good with technical skills, then your co-founder should be the one who is great in marketing or sales. Afterall, a team of co-founding businesses is like a marriage, different but can complete each other. 

Where to find the right co-founder? 

There is a saying that goes, a friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. This does not mean you cannot build a business together with your childhood best friend. It all should depend on qualification and trust because your business should generate revenue and not memory. 

Below is online places that make it easier for people to connect with potential partners: 

  • Startup Jobs Asia is a job platform that helps you connect with potential talents across Asia. This platform is good if you want to leverage your startup or build a startup in Asia as hiring a co-founder here would mean the talent already familiar with Asian business and business market/model. 
  • Founder2be is a platform that enables startups to connect with everyone in tech, from co-founders and designers to developers and marketers. There is no screening process for applicants in this platform. 
  • CoFoundersLab is a platform with over 400,000 targeted entrepreneurs to find your cofounder, team member or advisor. 

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