Talent Poaching Between Corporate and Startup

Your company, be it a corporate or startup, will be as good as its employees. This is a fact of operating a business and that is why companies are always looking to recruit the best talent. Unfortunately, sometimes, the best talent can be working at a competitor and this is where talent poaching comes in. In fact, talent poaching between corporate and startup company is rife in the business world today.

Why Talent Poaching?

The idea behind talent poaching is to strengthen your talent pool and missing skill. If successful, you will have an essential skill that you have been looking out for. Likewise, your current company’s talent may also be available to the next bidder as well.

How Companies and Startups Poach Talent?

Before social media and online job forums made their appearance, the usual way to poach talent was by getting a recruiter or headhunter to do the poaching. However, now it is done differently and more subtly. Today, companies as well as startups use social media platforms and the Internet as a whole to make contact with the person and first forge a relationship. Those days are long gone when it was believed a talent could be successful in any business environment. Today, a lot of importance has been given to culture, the way a business is operated and how the talent can fit in seamlessly in the working environment of the business. It also is imperative to ensure the skills and competency the person is suitable for the company rather than making broad assumptions as it was done a few years or decades ago.

Why Does Talent Jump Jobs?

Today, there are many startups and large tech companies that are diversifying, so are talents too. Though, the usual reasons of changing jobs is because of remuneration package, but nowadays this reason is not the only driving factor. We seen Executives from various large companies moving to startup as well recently.

Factors Driving Talent Poaching Between Corporate and Startup Company

You cannot pinpoint a single factor. As a matter of fact there are several factors driving the prevailing talent poaching. First and foremost, there is a rapid growth in e-commerce, mobile technology and social media. This has spurred many startups to come and this, in turn, is fueling employee hiring. Large tech companies are diversifying into other businesses and to ensure these new businesses are successful, these companies are grabbing talent from other companies as well as startups.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, talent poaching between corporate and startup is here to stay and it will gets more competitive in time to come.

Talent poaching and grabbing is the norm in today’s business world. It is a lot easier than it was a few decades ago with more social media and the continued improving technology made people’s profiles easily accessed. The tough parts are ensuring the talent is a perfect match to your organization and retaining the professional to have a positive impact on your organization’s growth and success.


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