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Startup Vibes: How to Create Fun and Creative Workplace

How would you answer if someone asks you, ‘What is the most striking difference between a startup and a corporate?’ Besides the obvious contrast of their business size, chances are, company culture is often seen as the most distinctive character that sets startup and corporate apart. Corporate is known for its formal organisational structure and

Start Your Day at Work the Right Way with These Habits

In average, people in Asia Pacific spend more than six hours or a quarter of their day at work. Employees are expected to keep their attentiveness on the same level from the start until the end of the day. Starting the day right is important as it could determine your productivity and efficiency level for

Cost-Saving Methods for Startups

One crucial issue for every business, especially startups is costing. Getting your startup off the ground requires efforts and of course, costs never disappear from your list of challenges. Even if you have a large capital, you still need to skimp unnecessary expenses, as your growing business might face unexpected costs. You must know what