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Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Did you know that 90% of startups fail? Having to watch your own business fail is bad enough but not knowing the reason for failure is worse. Some say its luck, while others say it’s the economy. What are the actual reasons that startups fail? 1.  Founders give up  After listening to stories after stories

Pre-Requisites of an Entrepreneur

The call to setting up a business and being your own boss is becoming very common these days. While many think that this is the best and fastest way to crafting out one’s career path, it is not easy for such a dream to come to pass. One may think that setting up a business

Why is a Good Job Description Important for a Startup?

Though, in this era of computer and technology, many consider that writing job description is a total waste of time, still some people prefer writing a job description to reap out its benefits. In reality, writing a job description is important from many perspectives, especially for a startup business. This is considered as one of

What Leads to Failure of Startup?

What Leads to Failure of Startup? If you are thinking about starting your own business venture, then you will have to take some meticulous measures so that you can provide a fair initial thrust to your business. Along with your business plan, there should be a ‘plan-B’ which can be used if there is any

Why are Hackers an Important Hire for Startups

The early stages of any business are very crucial for them. It is a very tender time when a hasty decision can ruin the business prospect. One of the important aspects of any modern business is technology. A modern business cannot rely on manual work and cannot keep piles of files stacked on tables. Modern

What Makes a Good Startup Hire?

What Makes a Good Startup Hire? Driving a startup towards the silver line of success is definitely a challenging task and those who can successfully deal with this challenge, overcome all the difficult hurdles, will definitely say that it’s not all about great investment or asset buying but a saga of great hiring. Just making

My Experience Interning in a Startup

Mr Lek Sinyan, a Business Development Executive at LoanGarage shares with us about his experience interning in a startup environment! Stepping into the army for 2 years made me lose touch with the working society. Furthermore, pursuing a Bachelors in Banking and Finance added the drive to be working in a finance related field. As

6 Reasons Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Let’s hear it from our Guest Blogger, Mr Seth Lui.  Does entrepreneurship seem like an appealing prospect? Have you ever dreamt about being your own boss? “Ah, if only I had my own business, I could work whenever I want to.” Sounds familiar? My name is Seth Lui and I’m a Singapore

Making the Switch – MNC to Startup

Let’s hear from Ms Annie Lee from CHOPE. Where she took the step forth and made that ‘switch’ from a MNC to a Startup.    What most if not all would hope for is a stable job that provides a stable income. Out of 10 or even 20, only perhaps 1 will make that jump

Startup Folktales: Where Small, Simple Things Work

When you see the word “startup”, what do you think of? Facebook, Google, revolution, tech? With an overwhelming amount of tech startup popping up around the globe, many are afraid that one day the bubble will burst, taking with it the dreams of millions of Bill Gates wannabes. Many young entrepreneurs have grand designs of