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Is It Difficult to be On Top? 17 Inspirational Startup Quotes to Refuel Your Energy

Life is full of ups and downs – In order to shine in your precious life, first you often have to go through difficult times because you realise that life is not a straight line. You might face a lot of failures and when you seek help, many will say “just go and do your

What Startups Should Know When Seeking A Mentor

Growing a new startup in the established startup scene is tough. However, you must realise that you are never alone. Successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jack Ma has been in your position! They have passed through a myriad of rejections, challenges and difficulties before achieving success. But they were not alone! They

Startups: What you need to be successful

Having a startup business can be very stressful. Even though it is just a small type of business, everything needs to be organized first hand. If you are a startup business owner, you’re not only the business proprietor himself, but most of the time you are also your very own secretary, accountant and sometimes, advertiser.