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Self-Acknowledgement: 9 Books You Should Read Before Launching a Startup

More and more Millennials are interested in being their own boss and starting a business instead of working under someone else’s direction. A report released by BNP Paribas Global in 2016 found that almost two-thirds of (67 percent) respondents aged between 20 and 35 were planning to start their own businesses, compared to the slight

How to Keep Your Startup on Top?

After long consideration, finally you decide to build your own startup. Thanks to thorough market research and smooth marketing strategy, your products or services are gaining recognition and positive feedbacks from the customer.  To meet increasing customer demands, you might have to bring in more people to join the team and move to a bigger

Looking For A Co-Founder? Make Sure They Have These Qualities!

A co-founder can be the determining factor for your startup success. Just like finding a soulmate, your co-founder must be one who can fit well with you, has the same visions and willing to do anything for the sake achieving the common goals. Two heads are always better than one! Especially when the startup has

3-Star Startup Menu for Accelerator Success

There were 2 significant events that happened in Singapore during July 2016. One is the Demo Day of Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore where we celebrate the end of our 3 months long startup accelerator programme. The other is the long awaited Michelin Guide Singapore where Michelin Stars will be anointed to restaurants in Singapore for the first time. Yes, I’m

New to the Startup Scene? Here are 4 Must Know Tips for Startup Founder

Setting up a startup is easy, but maintaining one is the challenging part. You might be very passionate towards your startup, working with capable people and even have investors to fund your business. However, those are not enough to keep your growing business thriving and win your competition(s). As a startup founder, you have many

How Working at a Startup Can Accelerate Your Career

Some says working at a startup will take you nowhere. No clear career path, no guarantee that you will get a better position after years of service. However, working at a startup is becoming a trend! Many experienced workers are giving up their roles, leaving big companies to join startups. They might feel that working

The Recipe to Bring Your Startup into the Success Gate

Very few entrepreneurs are able to reach the success mark. We are familiar with the fact that only 10% of entrepreneurs could achieve that. What’s their recipe for success? Quite simple, they don’t give up before they meet success! Apparently, 90% of entrepreneurs always call it quits during the first three years of their startups.

How to Improve Your Chances Running a Successful Startup?

Ever thought of starting your own business? Your desire and passion can serve as your inspiration and driving force – or if taken not too seriously, it might backfire to you. Want to avoid this boomerang effect? Here are some ways on how to channel your interest and your enthusiasm in making your way towards

Top 5 Qualities to Succeed In a Startup

Working in a startup is not like all cotton candies and chocolates. There are still some certain qualities that are needed to help you succeed in the startup world.   Here are the 5 qualities one must possess to survive in a startup. Passion. If you want to be successful in everything you do, one