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Steps on How to be an Effective Multitasking Machine

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of hats to be worn in a day. There are times that you have to wear those hats all at the same time. But how will you be able to play a lot of roles at a time? Well, multitasking is the key.   Maybe you are already multitasking

The Importance of Being a Social Butterfly

Do you find it pleasurable speaking to someone you just met on the street or on a bus on your way home? Do you enjoy doing favors for friends, relatives or even classmates?   Well, it is no doubt that you are such a good talker and can make everybody you just met feel at

Tips on How to Roll Out Benefits for Your Employees

Having a startup company can be very challenging. Aside from brainstorming ideas and getting all the logistics organized, another thing to consider which can definitely affect your labor force is employee’s benefits.   Of course, this is considered as an entrepreneur’s most significant challenge. It can definitely put a hole in your pocket, retention of

Hiring and Building an Awesome Team

There will be some time in your career that you will be entrusted with people and become in charge for them. These people might be your company’s writers, marketers, programmers, engineers and other employees from the other departments within the company.   This experience can be very rewarding from your end and it can boost

Hire Someone Who Believes in the Company’s Mission

Every company is in search of that someone who is a top talent. This clamor for great employees tends to create a sense of urgency for companies to look for them. Well they are looking for a needle in a haystack.   However despite the rarity, some growing companies are making big mistakes of immediately

Build Your Careers in Startups Now!

Need some excitement in your career life? Why not give yourself an opportunity for a change! Startup environment are most of the times, considered as quite vibrate and ever-changing. Moreover, with unforeseen circumstances, new challenges will be greeting you in your everyday life giving you the burst of adrenaline that your current job might not

Mistakes not to make when applying for a Startup

For job-hunters out there, looking for a job can be a lot of hard work. But landing on a great job at a startup company can be very stressful.   However, on the other side of the picture, little did we know, finding a great hire can also be very difficult. Start-up companies also require

Ask yourself These Questions Before Jumping Into Entrepreneurship

Being an employee has never been so easy. You have to establish a great working relationship with your boss, your officemates and of course, you have to face the everyday hustle and bustle of the corporate world.   For many of us, being an employee is the only thing that we use to pay the

Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Social media gave the whole world a voice that connects; like a web, pluck one end and the whole web will know your presence. But to be honest, engaging in social media is not always that easy. Your relationship with your customers depends on how you handle your online presence. And a wrong move like

Essential Tools for Growing A Small Business

No matter how much effort you put into your business, without tools, you’ll be slowing down your progress and be defeated to the constant changing form of online marketing. Most of these tools are absolutely free (upgrades are also affordable), and if you did some research, you can take advantage of these tools below: Social