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Keeping Your Startup Alive: Track these Metrics!

Having a startup business can be too risky. It survives in a manner where everything has to be budgeted carefully. The resources it needs to grow and to survive is really shorter than what you’re expecting it to be. Being a visionary entrepreneur can be very good but also can be perilous because your passion

How to Improve Your Chances Running a Successful Startup?

Ever thought of starting your own business? Your desire and passion can serve as your inspiration and driving force – or if taken not too seriously, it might backfire to you. Want to avoid this boomerang effect? Here are some ways on how to channel your interest and your enthusiasm in making your way towards

Your Sins as a (Newbie) Entrepreneur

We all know that not all startups continuously grow as the time passes by. We’ve witnessed some companies that had their fame and glory during the first few months of business and yet they came down crashing in no time. There are some who had their humble beginnings yet was able to stand the test

Get More Done Today; Hack Your Schedule.

Many experts have said it, dedicating a time or a day in a week for the week’s review, evaluation and planning is essential to everyone, especially to those who are playing several roles in a day. These are working parents, boss of a company, or an employee that has a lot of extra-curricular activities. This

Grow Your Business in 5 Ways (Without Venture Capital)

Having a venture capital when starting a business can be very helpful. However, for some businessmen, getting a venture capital might be risky in the end, while starting their business on their own is safer. For startups, thinking of making their business big using their own pockets is an intelligent move. Here are also some

Startups: What you need to be successful

Having a startup business can be very stressful. Even though it is just a small type of business, everything needs to be organized first hand. If you are a startup business owner, you’re not only the business proprietor himself, but most of the time you are also your very own secretary, accountant and sometimes, advertiser.

Kick-Starting Your Own SEO Campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be very vague and difficult topic for an entrepreneur. Especially if you are just new to the business, this can be a blur. We know that SEO contributes a lot to online success but there are times that we cannot understand what more it can offer and how to

Where’s Your Next Internship? It’s Right HERE!

Where’s your next internship? Right here! At Startup Jobs Asia, we have lots of internship opportunities for you! Thinking which would be better for you, Startup or Corporate environment? Internships would be the best way for you to get a ‘feel’ of what it would be like working in a Startup. Hop right in and

Are You Ready for an Intern? Questions to Ask Yourself First

Summer is the time of the year where newbies and fresh graduates can be seen everywhere. You can see them walking in from one company to another trying their luck. Some are seeking for an employment right away and some are on the lookout for experience – like possibly an internship.   In today’s competition

Top 5 Qualities to Succeed In a Startup

Working in a startup is not like all cotton candies and chocolates. There are still some certain qualities that are needed to help you succeed in the startup world.   Here are the 5 qualities one must possess to survive in a startup. Passion. If you want to be successful in everything you do, one